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Innovative biomaterial for hydrating skin care masks

epi nouvelle + 

Nature-identical structures for innovative care products: hydrating masks

Evonik recently acquired the German biotech company JeNaCell which has developed a unique technology for the continuous production of biosynthetic cellulose with defined shaping and controllable structural design.  JeNaCell provides customers with innovative and forward-looking product solutions in the fields of medicine, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. There are also dedicated applications and product solutions in aesthetic dermatology, and cosmetics.

This innovative biomaterial is made through fermentation and can be produced in several forms including nonwovens, films, or fiber suspensions. It is also possible to adjust the properties during biosynthesis to tailor the plant-derived biopolymer to different applications.

For cosmetics, Evonik now offers masks with nature-identical featuring a unique liquid storage capacity for innovative hydro-active care products. 

Applications in dermatology-pure cosmetic cellulose to rejuvenate

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epi nouvelle+ naturelle is made without preservatives and gently supports the natural regeneration of the skin using the cooling, skin-soothing effect of pure water. epi nouvelle+ naturelle is therefore particularly suitable for use in conjunction with peelings, micro-needling, laser treatments, skin intolerances such as perioral dermatitis, photodynamic therapy, and the aftercare of aesthetic procedures. epi nouvelle+ naturelle is available in various individual shapes. All products in the epi nouvelle+ naturelle series are slightly acidic and therefore match the skin’s natural pH level.

  • Moisture and cooling support skin regeneration and reduce swelling and redness
  • No preservatives or additives
  • High water content and evaporative cooling lead to soothing and relaxation
  • Helps to smooth small wrinkles
  • Supports the penetration of other cosmetic active ingredients
  • Sterilized
  • Easy to handle
  • Painless removal
  • Vegan

Development services and custom solutions

JeNaCell supports its partners with its expertise in the development and implementation of new applications for this unique material. Further solutions in the health care sector cover projects in the fields of formulation developmentdrug delivery and medical devices

Discover more about biosynthetic cellulose

Based in Jena, Germany, JeNaCell (winner of Falling Walls Venture 2017 and recent applicant in the German Accelerator program) was acquired by Evonik in 2021. JeNaCell is a specialist for the development and production of highly pure biosynthetic cellulose with well-defined shaping and controllable structural design for cosmetic, pharma and medical device applications.