The Soul & Science of Beauty

The soul & Science of beauty

our values and commitments

As a specialist in ingredients and concepts for effective skin, hair and body care products, Evonik Personal Care combines scientific excellence with passion. That means we always work according to the highest ethical and scientific principles – and we always put our hearts into our work.
That’s what we call “The Soul & Science of Beauty”.

This approach has three aspects: foresight, responsibility, realization.


Knowing what’s next. By nature, it means identifying chances and investing resources now to achieve better results in the future. And creating innovative solutions that enable our customers to secure their competitiveness and generate lasting value.


Showing respect. Doing business with responsibility towards the environment, society and clients means addressing the issue of sustainable development. By delivering the best possible transparency within the product lifecycle, we help our clients get a clear plan.


Seeing things through. Our mindset is creative and realization-centered, combining technical knowledge, networked thinking and decision-making power. We deliver solutions that get results.