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Market segments


As an industry leader, Evonik Personal Care offers a comprehensive variety of solutions for face-, body- and hair care applications, as well as body cleansing, anti-perspirants/deodorants and color cosmetics. Our broad portfolio of over 400 ingredients comprises high performance actives including advanced botanicals, specialty ingredients and selected raw materials for versatile applications – including the most challenging formulation systems, sensory profiles and sophisticated demands of consumers.
We serve the skin care market with a broad range of natural-derived and silicone-based W/O and O/W emulsifiers, liquid and waxy lipophilic emollients, mild surfactants, skin conditioning and refatting agents, moisturizers, skin-identical active ingredients, thickeners, sensory additives and many other performance additives for face care, body care, baby care and men’s skin.

Evonik Personal Care provides starting materials for conditioner, shampoo and styling products, including a comprehensive variety of cationic, silicone derivatives and active ingredients for hair strengthening and fiber repair, plus a broad array of surfactants, moisturizing and refatting agents. For the AP/Deo segment, we provide unique silicone emulsifiers and state-of-the-art formulation concepts for sticks, roll-ons, aerosols and more. In color cosmetics, we offer reliable, skin-friendly and trendy solutions that consumers demand with our portfolio of specialty emulsifiers, emollients and skin-identical ceramides for protection and repair.

Body Care

Body Care

Our Body Care experts provide proven skin-care and sensory knowledge. By delivering high-performance, nature-based ingredients from caring to skin protection we provide tailored solutions that give consumers the ultimate user experience and the ultimate choice.

Body care solutions

Face Care

Our intimate knowledge of sensory skin-care and proven formulation expertise ensures our Face Care experts create innovative concepts and bespoke ingredients for high-performance Actives, Emulsifiers and Emollients to give consumers the ultimate user experience and ultimate choice for perfect skin.

Hair Care Products

Hair Care

Whatever hair type, whatever the need – be it protection & repair, increased shine, maximum volume or improved manageability - our Shampoo & Conditioning experts can leverage decades of experience and proven formulation expertise to develop high-performing ingredients that provide consumers with the most comprehensive hair care solutions… the ultimate user experience and the ultimate choice!

Hair & Body Cleansing

Body Cleansing

Whether it’s a super mild cleanser for baby’s skin or cleansing shampoos for Hair Care, our formulation experts have developed high-performance cleansing solutions to give consumers the ultimate user experience and the ultimate choice for clean and protected hair and skin to meet the challenge of today’s 24/7 life. 

Products for active lifestyle


Our experts understand that antiperspirants and deodorants need to give consumers the confidence that they are free from perspiration and body odor when they need it the most. With our proven formulation and technology expertise we deliver reliable, skin-friendly and convenient solutions that consumers demand. 

Our color care products at a glance

Color Cosmetics

Makeup is a major self-confidence boost to lift your mood: when you look good, you feel good! Whether it is a foundation, a primer or a lip-gloss, our formulation experts have developed high-performance solutions. We can offer complex sensations, easy formulating.