Hair & Body Cleansing

Body Cleansing

Whether it’s a super mild cleanser for baby’s skin or cleansing shampoos for Hair Care, our formulation experts have developed high-performance cleansing solutions to give consumers the ultimate user experience and the ultimate choice for clean and protected hair and skin to meet the challenge of today’s 24/7 life.

Our products fitting to YOUR body cleansing solutions


ROVISOME HA NG contains liposomally encapsulated sodium hyaluronate in a label-friendly cosmetic active composition. ROVISOME HA NG can help solve the problem of agglutination on the skin, often occurring in formulations with HA. Inside the skin the material exerts its water- binding properties and helps to moisturize the skin.


Water (USA)/Aqua (EU); Glycerin; Lecithin; Sodium Hyaluronate