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Whether it’s a super mild cleanser for baby’s skin or cleansing shampoos for Hair Care, our formulation experts have developed high-performance cleansing solutions to give consumers the ultimate user experience and the ultimate choice for clean and protected hair and skin to meet the challenge of today’s 24/7 life.

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  • ANTIL® 120 Plus MB

    Sugar-based thickening agent for aqueous surfactant systems. Suitable for many formulations such as hair shampoos, shower gels, foam baths, liqiud soaps or hand wash pastes

  • ANTIL® 127 MB

    Liquid,sugar-based rheological additive for aqueous surfactant systems.It is suitable for many formulations such as hair shampoos, shower gels, foam baths, liqiud soaps or hand wash pastes.

  • ANTIL® 141 liquid

    Rheological additive for aqueous surfactant systems. Good thickening properties in common surfactant systems.

  • ANTIL® 171

    Rheological additive for aqueous surfactant systems. Cold processable in every step of the production, highly effective. Acts as a solubilizer and improves foam.

  • ANTIL® 200 MB

    Very effective thickening agent. Vegetable based.Mild additive recommended for baby products and for other mild hair and skin cleansing formulations for delicate skin. Refatting properties

  • ANTIL® 500 Pellets

    As an innovative hydrophilic polymer, ANTIL® 500 Pellets enables a significant reduction of the active surfactant level in standard cleansing formulations. In addition, the extraordinary efficiency and high flexibility of ANTIL® 500 Pellets facilitate the thickening of challenging surfactant systems, such as sulfate-free formulas, effectively supporting the trend for milder cleansing in personal care. The 100% active, preservative-free solid is clearly soluble in water and processable at room temperature. Furthermore, ANTIL® 500 Pellets is stable against hydrolysis and effective over a wide pH range. The thickening agent provides a rich formulation texture with Newtonian flow behavior but without changing the foaming characteristics, which is essential for fulfilling the consumers’ sensorial expectations of personal cleansing products.

  • ANTIL® CM 90

    Thickening agent for gels and paste formulations. Soluble in surfactants at 60°C.

  • ANTIL® HS 60 MB

    PEG-free refatting agent with good thickening properties, providing a pleasant skin feel in skin cleansing products.Contributes to improved rheology and gel strength of W/Si emulsions.

  • ANTIL® Soft SC MB

    ANTIL® Soft SC MB is a multifunctional natural based additive for surfactant formulas with excellent thickening and foam boosting properties, also in PEG-free systems. It improves foam creaminess and skin feel.

  • ANTIL® SPA 80

    Efficient PEG-free thickening and conditioning agent for skin and hair cleansing formulations. Excellent viscosity builder, even for PEG-free systems. Provides temperature stable viscosities. Liquid monoalkanolamide (no secondary amines).  

  • HyaCare®

    Skin-identical anti-aging moisturizer HyaCare is a skin-identical medium molecular weight hyaluronic acid (800 kDa), offering a breakthrough in safety and purity. It reinforces skin's natural short- and long-term moisturization. Further, HyaCare improves skin elasticity and reduces skin roughness which results in reduced wrinkle depth.  


    Blend of humectants in aqueous solution adapting "Natural Moisturizing Factor"(NMF) of human skin. Especially suitable for use in hydroregulative cosmetics such as moisturizing creams and lotions, anti-aging products, shower gels and bubble bath.

  • Phytosphingosine Hydrochloride

    Salt of skin-identical Phytosphingosine. Improves the appearance of red, inflamed and blemished skin by soothing the skin and balancing its microflora. Water soluble.

  • REWODERM® LI 520-70 MB

    Effective thickening agent. Vegetable based. Very mild additive recommended for baby products and for other mild hair and skin cleansing formulations for delicate skin.

  • REWODERM® LI 67-75

    nionic surfactant with solubilizing properties. Good skin and mucous membrane compatibility. Decreases irritation potential of surfactants.


    Effective thickening agent.Vegetable based. Very mild additive recommended for baby products and for other mild hair and skin cleansing formulations for delicate skin.

  • REWOMID® C 212 MB

    Thickening agent for gels and paste formulations. Soluble in surfactants at 60°C.

  • REWOMID® IPP 240

    Good thickening properties. Soluble in surfactants at 50°C.


    Very mild anionic surfactant. Good foaming and cleansing power with additional emulsifying properties. Recommended for cleansing of delicate skin and for baby products.

  • TAGAT® CH 40

    Universal solubilizer for essential oils.

  • TAGAT® S

    Solubilizer. Emulsifier for O/W creams and lotions.


    Solubilizer for lipophilic substances. Hydropilic refatting agent for mild shampoos, shower and bath preparations. Leaves a pleasant skin feel. Gives a dense, creamy foam. Decreases irritation potential of surfactants.


    Hydrophilic emollient for mild shampoos, shower and bath preparation. Leaves a pleasant skin feel. Very good solubilizer.

  • TEGOSOFT® LSE 65 K Soft

    PEG-free refatting agent with excellent thickening properties. Provides a skin smoothing effect.


    Emulsifier in self emulsifying oil formulations with elevated water level. PEG-free refatting agent especially for the use in body washes, liquid soaps, bath oils and wet wipes.

  • TEGO® Alkanol L 4

    Thickening agent and solubilizer für personal cleansing preparations.

  • TEGO® Betain 810

    Mild specialty surfactant. Very low mucous membran irritation. Especially suitable for mild cleansing formulations. Provides high foam volume and pleasant lather properties in presence of anionic surfactants. Preservative-free.

  • TEGO® Betain F KM 1

    Proven standard product. High purity. Approved preservative (Methylisothiazolinone).

  • TEGO® Natural Betaine

    Vegetal derived amino acid (trimethylglycine) with conditioning properties. Increases skin`s moisture retention. Cellular osmoprotectant. Suitable for use in moisturizing Skin Care products.

  • TEGO® SML 20 MB

    Mild,nonionic secondary surfactant for hair and skin cleansing products. Solubilizer for lipophilic substances. Hydrophilic emulsifier for O/W emulsions.

  • TEGO® SMO 80 V

    Liquid emulsifier for cosmetic and pharmaceutical O/W emulsions and hydrophilic co-emulsifier for sprays and lotions. Solubilizer for lipophilic substances.

  • TEGO® SMS 60 MB

    Hydrophilic secondary surfactant for O/W emusification, dispersion and solubilization of lipophilic substances.

  • TEGO® Solve 55 MB

    High performing and cost-efficient PEG-free solubilizer to incorporate essential oils and perfume oils into water based systems. Even suitable for high electrolyte containing AP/Deo formulations as well as for superior and gentle make-up removers. Completely based on renewable raw materials.

  • TEGO® Solve 61 MB

    Natural source, clear solutions. TEGO® Solve 61 MB, the PEG-free solubilizer for natural oils. • 100% naturally derived • Easy to handle and cold processable • Superior skin feel An effective solubilizer, based on renewable raw materials, for fatty and natural oils in crystal clear formulations. Passion combined with scientific excellence - that’s what we call: The Soul & Science of Beauty.


    Outstanding conditioning agent with excellent antistatic properties for clear formulations. Completely soluble in shampoo formulations. Provides a thickening effect. Vegetable-based, cationic O/W emulsifier for lotions and creams. Provides a dry, light and non-oily skin feel.

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