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Makeup is a major self-confidence boost to lift your mood: when you look good, you feel good!
Whether it is a foundation, a primer or a lip-gloss, our formulation experts have developed high-performance solutions. We can offer complex sensations, easy formulating.

Thanks to a deep knowledge of the market trends and proven formulation expertize, our color cosmetics experts can deliver reliable, skin-friendly and trendy solutions that consumers demand.

With innovative concepts and technology expertise, we provide to give consumers the ultimate user experience and the ultimate choice for a perfect make up.

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  • ABIL® Wax 9800

    Liquid to waxy component for skin and hair care emulsions, color cosmetics and deodorant sticks. The silicone component provides optimum cosmetic properties like silky gloss on hair and a pleasant, non-greasy skin feel. The product is easy to emulsify and soluble in cosmetic oils. Has an emollient character and improves pigment dispersion.

  • REWOPAL® PIB 1000

    Glossing agent for lip gloss and lipsticks. Stabilizer for pigment dispersions such as makeup applications. Film former to enhance the water resistance of O/W sunscreen products.


    Very light emollient, fully based on renewable sources. TEGOSOFT® AC MB has a low viscosity, low oiliness and absorbs easily. It is produced by enzymatic catalysis, an eco-efficient process.TEGOSOFT®AC MB shows excellent wetting properties of hydrophobically coated pigments.  


    Emollient with high spreadability and low occlusivity. Gives a pleasant skin feel. Suitable for skin care emulsions, sun care preparations and color cosmetics.


    Natural based low viscous and highly pure cosmetic oil. Especially suitable for O/W sunscreen emulsions. Produced by enzymatic catalysis. TEGOSOFT® DC MB shows very good wetting properties of hydrophobically coated pigments.


    Universal cosmetic emollient with medium spreading properties. Low-viscous solvent for active ingredients, oil-soluble UV filters and pigments. TEGOSOFT® M shows very good wetting properties of hydrophobically coated pigments.


    Highly pure cosmetic wax, fully based on renewable sources and produced by a unique, sustainable enzymatic process. Imparts body and structure to O/W emulsions, especially lotions. Leaves a pleasant, soft skin feel.


    Light emollient with medium spreading properties and high refatting charasteristics. Good solubilizer for oil-soluble active ingredients. TEGOSOFT® P  shows very good wetting properties of hydrophobically coated pigments.


    Emollient which melts at body temperature. Gives a silky, but non-oily skin feel. Especially suitable for skin care products. TEGOSOFT® SH shows good wetting properties of hydrophobically coated pigments.