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Mild cleansing, anti-breakage, improved manageability, shine, volume, protection and repair – our Shampoo & Conditioning segment provides ingredients for the hair-care performance and experience people want. Leveraging proven formulation expertise, we develop high-performing solutions - for clean and protected hair, comprehensive care and a healthy gloss.

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  • TAGAT® CH 40

    Universal solubilizer for essential oils.

  • TAGAT® S

    Solubilizer. Emulsifier for O/W creams and lotions.


    Solubilizer for lipophilic substances. Hydropilic refatting agent for mild shampoos, shower and bath preparations. Leaves a pleasant skin feel. Gives a dense, creamy foam. Decreases irritation potential of surfactants.


    Emulsifier in self emulsifying oil formulations with elevated water level. PEG-free refatting agent especially for the use in body washes, liquid soaps, bath oils and wet wipes.

  • TEGO® SML 20 MB

    Mild,nonionic secondary surfactant for hair and skin cleansing products. Solubilizer for lipophilic substances. Hydrophilic emulsifier for O/W emulsions.

  • TEGO® SMO 80 V

    Liquid emulsifier for cosmetic and pharmaceutical O/W emulsions and hydrophilic co-emulsifier for sprays and lotions. Solubilizer for lipophilic substances.

  • TEGO® SMS 60 MB

    Hydrophilic secondary surfactant for O/W emusification, dispersion and solubilization of lipophilic substances.

  • TEGO® Solve 55 MB

    High performing and cost-efficient PEG-free solubilizer to incorporate essential oils and perfume oils into water based systems. Even suitable for high electrolyte containing AP/Deo formulations as well as for superior and gentle make-up removers. Completely based on renewable raw materials.

  • TEGO® Solve 61 MB

    Natural source, clear solutions. TEGO® Solve 61 MB, the PEG-free solubilizer for natural oils. • 100% naturally derived • Easy to handle and cold processable • Superior skin feel An effective solubilizer, based on renewable raw materials, for fatty and natural oils in crystal clear formulations. Passion combined with scientific excellence - that’s what we call: The Soul & Science of Beauty.