The Ceramide Expert

Empower your body's natural shield

Solutions from the Ceramide Expert

Pollution, the aging process, seasonal factors, UV irradiation and predisposition disrupt our natural protective skin and hair barrier. Evonik technologies preserve and maintain this barrier for a moisturized, vital, smooth and healthy look.

OVer 25 Years of Evolution based on ceramide Technology

In 1994, Cosmoferm (now Evonik) succeeded in  developing a technology, which enables the production of pure human skin-identical ceramides. Evonik is cotinuously developing new products based on market trends and customer needs.

Evonik’s sphingolipid and ceramide technologies – A wide variety of applications 

Benefits range from strengthening the skin from the stratum corneum to the subcutis, reinforcing the skin lipid barrier, improving skin moisturization, protecting from harmful external effects and counteracting dermal photoaging right through to prevention of hair loss.


Ceramide III and Ceramide IIIB

Build a protective layer that keep the moisture in the skin and plump it up

Ceramide VI

Normalizes the skin’s natural desquamation (peeling) process

Advanced ceramide systems and complexes

SK-INFLUX® Technology 

Advanced ceramide system of skin-identical ceramides, free fatty acids and cholesterol

Perfectly mimics natural skin lipid barrier resulting in regeneration of skin barrier


A unique and high-level system of skin-identical ceramides and signaling sphingokines

Provides the skin protection, prevention and regeneration


The power of olives married to the well-known strength of ceramides

Multifunctional active complex with the potential to calm down irritated scalp and repair damaged hair

Fundamentals and designed sphingolipids

Phytosphingosine and Phytosphingosine HCl

Sphingoid base naturally present in the skin

Reduces the signs of acne, redness and inflamed skin


Sphingoid base naturally present in the skin

Prevents hair loss by balancing the hair life cycle, strengthens the hair follicle and improves scalp health

Phytosphingosine SLC

Unique designer sphingolipid

Restores photo-damaged skin and reduces the appearance of pore size


Short chain ceramide acting as multilayer skin activator

Reduces skin sagging and flattens wrinkle depth by promoting cellular communication