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Tattoos last a lifetime. To keep their colors vibrant for as long as that, maintenance is important. Without the right care for tattooed skin, a tattoo may fade and lose its brilliant colors. In our Tattoo Care concept, we offer formulation solutions including raw materials that protect and nurture the skin before and after tattooing.

Every fifth American now has a tattoo, as do about 60 million Europeans, and this colorful body decoration is becoming increasingly popular. In tattooing, color pigments are inserted under the dermis, the second layer of the skin. However, the uppermost skin layer, the epidermis, is also stressed in the process. “If the skin is properly prepared and appropriately conditioned after tattooing, it can recover fast,” says Dr. Tammo Boinowitz, head of Evonik’s Personal Care Business Line.
Very few personal-care products are currently available specifically for tattooed skin. Evonik has now developed sample formulations for several personal care products. These nurture the skin before and after the tattooing process so that the tattoo looks good over the long term and there are no unpleasant after-effects. The formulations contain active ingredients as well as mild surfactants, emollients, and emulsifiers from Evonik, all of which are also suitable for use in other cosmetics.

One example of such a formulation is Tattoo Preparatory Lotion, intended to moisturize the skin adequately before tattooing. The ingredients from Evonik—including SPHINGOKINE® NP, SKINMIMICS®, and TEGOSOFT® DEC—tauten the skin, stimulate regeneration of the epidermis, and ensure a pleasant, non-oily skin feel.

After tattooing, it is important to use a cream or lotion that supports restoration of the skin’s protective barrier. The Evonik active ingredient SK-INFLUX® V is particularly suitable for this purpose; in the W/O Recovery Soft Cream sample formulation, it has been combined with TEGOSOFT® OER MB as the skin-care ingredient and ABIL® EM 180 as an emulsifier for high-grade water-oil emulsions.

Our Tattoo Care concept also includes solutions for a shower gel for gentle cleansing and a Tattoo Sharpening Roller to lend greater luminosity to skin and pigments. This fluid emulsion combines different ingredients for making your tattoo stand out! It is based on TEGO® Care PBS 6, a versatile PEG-free O/W emulsifier for challenging fluid emulsions.


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Products highlighted in this concept

  • ABIL® EM 180

    Versatile high molecular weight W/O emulsifier with outstanding stabilization capabilities. Very low usage concentation down to 0.5% possible. Particularly recommended for challenging formulation systems like quick breaking emulsions or high UV filter loadings.


    Skin-identical synergistic lipid concentrate for enhanced skin moisturization and protection. Restores the protective function of skin and scalp. Water soluble. Contains non-animal cholesterol.


    Skinmimics® is a unique delivery system based on skin-identical long chain ceramides and newly identified Sphingokines®. Skinmimics® is ideal for for aged and esp. mature skin. It provides protection by correction of membrane defects of the stratum corneum, prevention by induction of skin lipid synthesis & epidermal differentiation for improved barrier function from within and regeneration by activation of the skin’s natural water management system leading to stimulation and support of epidermal renewal.      


    The multi-layer skin activator A unique, short-chain ceramide: SPHINGOKINE® NP counteracts the signs of gravitational aging. It is lifting the contours of the face and adding firmness and tonicity to sagging skin to reveal a visibly younger and reshaped skin. This sphingolipid is based on renewable raw materials.


    Unique emollient especially suitable for light and non-oily skin care and sun care products. TEGOSOFT DEC is an oil with low viscosity, high spreading properties and good solvency for crystalline actives.


    TEGOSOFT® OER MB is a natural based highly pure cosmetic ester oil with properties similar to natural jojoba oil. It is based on 100% vegetable ingredients and produced by a sustainable enzymatic process. It is fully biodegradable and imparts a caring and smooth skin feel to cosmetic formulations. It can be used in skin care products, sun care products and color cosmetics and other personal care products.

  • TEGO® Care PBS 6 MB

    Unique, versatile PEG-free O/W emulsifier for challenging fluid emulsions. It is based on fully renewable sources and is natural certified. This high performance emulsifier shows outstanding stabilization properties in demanding systems as sun care formulations containing a high load of water soluble UV filters or other challenging ingredients like insect repellents or natural preservatives. Enables time and energy saving hot/cold processing.

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