Natural Beyond Green

Natural beyond green

Beauty solutions that offer the most efficient use of renewables 

Monitoring the latest trends of the Personal Care market it is clear to see that “natural” is gaining more and more importance, due to its high relevance to consumers, producers of cosmetic products, as well as to raw material suppliers. To compete with conventional products in cosmetic performance is still a challenge with naturals only, so to help, and share our knowledge and expertise, Evonik Personal Care has developed a new concept: Natural beyond green.

With this unique formulation concept Evonik aims to give customers insights about how we as Evonik Personal Care define ‘naturalness’ as well as offer appealing solutions. Between 2012 and 2016, skin care has been the most active category with approx. 44% of natural product launches globally, our new concept focuses on this application.

One prime example is the All Natural Cream based on dermofeel® NC (INCI: Polygylceryl-3 Distearate, Glyceryl Stearate Citrate), a newly launched O/W emulsifier for these types of applications. It helps to develop natural formulations by providing a caring skin feel and a flexible absorption profile. This has been proven by Sensory Kaleidoscope 2.0, the online tool to determine the sensory of a formulation. To reflect the market needs in Asia, a Miracle Hydrating Toner was also developed. It includes TEGO® Solve 61 (INCI: Polyglyceryl-6 Caprylate, Polyglyceryl-6 Ricinoleate, Polyglyceryl-3 Cocoate, Polyglyceryl-4 Caprate, Water), a PEG-free solubilizer fully based on renewable sources. If you are looking for a flawless and mattifying look enjoy the Natural Make-up Soft Cream with nice touch-up features and a non-greasy feeling. To improve the absorption, and reduce the oiliness on the skin while showing a mattifying effect TEGO® Feel C 10 (INCI: Cellulose), a recently launched sensory additive was incorporated into this formulation. Beside this selection, more market relevant formulations are displayed.

The concept is built on the Evonik tool CAREtain®, an innovation and sustainability support program. Using this tool can for example can help to screen suitable sustainable products, and in the frame of this special concept it has been used to calculate the natural part of each formulation shown.

This brand new concept from Evonik Personal Care combines important aspects: it translates market insights into real formulations that reflect the latest needs of the APAC natural products market.

Products highlighted in this concept


    Reinforces the skin`s natural protective barrier. Improves long-term moisturization and protects the skin from externel influences. Repairs and protects damaged hair. High purity. Nature identical. Better oil solubility.

  • dermofeel® NC MB

    This O/W emulsifier combines a natural origin with excellent performance and cost efficiency in an ideal way. It is especially suitable for formulations using organic acids as “natural” preservatives (pH 4.5 – 5.5). Beside this, dermofeel® NC MB provides stable emulsions even without using polyacrylate-based thickeners.

  • HyaCare® 50

    The Tight Junction strengthening Hyaluronic Acid HyaCare® 50 is a very low molecular weight hyaluronic acid (50 kDa) made from fermentation-derived hyaluronic acid. It supplies hyaluronic acid into the skin and rejuvenates the skin. HyaCare® 50 fills wrinkles from inside and reduces deep wrinkles as well as crow feet.


    W/O emulsifier for low viscous lotions with a very light skin feel. Allows the formulation of W/O lotions with a very low content of oil phase providing a pleasant, non-oily skin feel. Excellent emulsion stabilization properties even at low concentrations (2–3%).


    TEGOSOFT® AC MB is a low-viscous emollient that provides quick absorption and a non-oily skin feel when applied on skin. It can help in formulating natural cosmetic products with a light sensory profile. The emollient is fully based on renewable sources and produced by a unique, eco-efficient process fully running on renewable energy leading to an improved impact on global warming by 100% lower CO2 footprint compared to conventional chemical production. It shows excellent wetting properties of hydrophobically coated pigments.  


    TEGOSOFT® DC MB is a natural-based, low viscous and highly pure emollient with medium to light skin feel. It is fully based on renewable sources. The ester is produced by a unique, eco-efficient process fully running on renewable energy leading to an improved impact on global warming by 100% lower CO2 footprint compared to conventional chemical production.


    Highly pure cosmetic wax, fully based on renewable sources and produced by a unique, sustainable enzymatic process. Imparts body and structure to O/W emulsions, especially lotions. Leaves a pleasant, soft skin feel.


    TEGOSOFT® OER MB is a highly pure cosmetic ester oil with medium spreadability which is fully based on renewable sources. It imparts a caring and smooth skin feel. The emollient is produced by a unique, eco-efficient process fully running on renewable energy leading to an improved impact on global warming by 100% lower CO2 footprint compared to conventional chemical production. Due to its similar properties it can be used as alternative to natural Jojoba Oil. It supports the anti-staining effect in combination with some of the most commonly used emollients for AP/Deo.


    Light emollient with medium spreading properties and high refatting charasteristics. Good solubilizer for oil-soluble active ingredients. TEGOSOFT® P  shows very good wetting properties of hydrophobically coated pigments.


    Emollient which melts at body temperature. Gives a silky, but non-oily skin feel. Especially suitable for skin care products. TEGOSOFT® SH shows good wetting properties of hydrophobically coated pigments.

  • TEGO® Alkanol 1618

    Consistency enhancer/stabilizer in O/W emulsions. Waxy ingredient for deodorant/antiperspirant sticks. Based on vegetable raw materials.

  • TEGO® Care PBS 6 MB

    Unique, versatile PEG-free O/W emulsifier for challenging fluid emulsions. It is based on fully renewable sources and is natural certified. This high performance emulsifier shows outstanding stabilization properties in demanding systems as sun care formulations containing a high load of water soluble UV filters or other challenging ingredients like insect repellents or natural preservatives. Enables time and energy saving hot/cold processing.

  • TEGO® Feel C 10

    TEGO® Feel C 10 is a sensory additive which is entirely based on natural cellulose fibres. It is sustainably sourced from forest all over Europe. This cellulose improves absorption and reduces oiliness on skin. Beside this, it absorbs human sebum and provides a mattifying effect proven by an in vivo study. It is compatible with oil-in-water as well as water-in-oil formulations and also in water-free systems. TEGO® Feel C 10 helps to formulate recent trends for face care, color cosmetics, body care and sun care. Trends touched: Natural & sustainable, microplastic replacement, sense it and selfie ready

  • TEGO® Natural Betaine

    Vegetal derived amino acid (trimethylglycine) with conditioning properties. Increases skin`s moisture retention. Cellular osmoprotectant. Suitable for use in moisturizing Skin Care products.

  • TEGO® Solve 61 MB

    Natural source, clear solutions. TEGO® Solve 61 MB, the PEG-free solubilizer for natural oils. • 100% naturally derived • Easy to handle and cold processable • Superior skin feel An effective solubilizer, based on renewable raw materials, for fatty and natural oils in crystal clear formulations. Passion combined with scientific excellence - that’s what we call: The Soul & Science of Beauty.

  • TEGO® Turmerone

    The golden spice of India. TEGO® Turmerone has a significant anti-oxidant activity. It induces endogenous cellular defence mechanisms against oxidative stress. TEGO® Turmerone decreases the wrinkle depth and is ideal for the improvement of skin radiance and evenness of skin tone. TEGO® Turmerone is the purified turmeric oil with improved color and odor.  

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