Shower Jellies

New texture for gentle cleansing based on mild surfactants

Shower Jellies

  • Shower jellies add an element of playfulness to your daily routine

  • Benefits: New texture for gentle cleansing 

  • Evonik’s solution: suitable mild surfactants for shower jellies

  • Product highlights: RHEANCE® One, TEGO® Betain 810

Bored by your current daily cleansing routine? Then why not start your day with a revolution! Surprise yourself with our wobbly shower jelly with its unique consistency and a delightful, versatile alternative to shower gels and soap. Evonik’s shower jelly concept provides an enjoyable and exciting new experience for users.

The shower jelly has as a texture somewhere between solid and liquid and transforms into a soft foam during use to provide a funny wobble effect in your hands. Being small and perfectly shaped, it is the perfect travel companion for every adventure taking up less space in your bag! You just can’t help but smile once you feel that wobbly texture in your hands. In need of a special freshness kick? This shower jelly can also be frozen or refrigerated before use to give you that extra refresh kick and help wake you up. 

The shower jelly is formulated using only 10 ingredients, based on a combination of very mild sulfate- and PEG-free surfactants, and has a low water content. Beside the very mild specialty surfactant with foam boosting properties TEGO® Betain 810, it also includes RHEANCE® One, a multifunctional additive offering gentle cleansing and good foaming properties. It is fully based on sugars, and 100% biodegradable and has an exceptionally low aquatic toxicity. Both ingredients have an excellent skin compatibility and provide pleasant sensory benefits with a dense and creamy foam that rinses easily from the skin.

This novel formulation concept is based on the latest market insights and allows you to further explore new textures and sensations for cleansing applications. This is what we call the Soul & Science of Beauty.


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  • Wobbly shower jelly, sulfate- and PEG-free - ZD 789/1

    The mild shower jelly has a texture between solid and liquid. By addition of water it transforms into foam, but with funny wobble effects.

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