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Inviting curly consumers to celebrate their natural curls 

Curly You

Around the world there is a global movement to embrace naturally curly hair. Evonik has carefully developed a three-step approach to help consumers feel their best with their hair.

Curls are the new mainstream in beauty. Globally, the demand for hair care solutions for curly hair has increased significantly. According to Google, curls are now the most frequent search category for hair, especially when it comes to finding the best products for curl styling and- for avoiding hair straightening. In Brazil, a research conducted by Mintel to understand the different hair types of Brazilians, nearly 70% of women declared to have natural wavy, curly or kinky hair. As for the US, the #1 hair care country worldwide, nearly eight out of ten Afro-American consumers have natural hair and prefer products made exclusively for their hair type.

Because curls can have different textures, from wavy to kinky curls, consumers demand tailor-made solutions that fit best with their specific hair needs. The same is true for scalp care, which is a relevant category for curly consumers, who normally complain about their sensitive and dry scalp. Curly consumers have unique hair care routines: they avoid washing their hair on a daily-basis and incorporate up to six different products to their hair care routine, especially those in-between washes to help prolong curl definition and volume. This routine can create an unbalanced scalp resulting in irritation and compromised scalp health. 

The challenge for curly care systems lies within the need to offer gentle yet high-performing surfactant systems, develop high conditioning solutions to help repair and protect fragile hair, whilst being able to design styling solutions that can easily be incorporated in consumers’ lifestyles. Our Curly You three step approach designed for curly consumers that are unveiling their natural curls, provides everyday solutions for beautiful and bouncy curls while offering a unique concept for the celebration of natural curls:  

1. Transition Phase: Supporting consumers who decide to stop with chemical straightening and return to their natural hair texture. To help consumers during this challenging period, Evonik brings a Purifying Cleansing Shampoo, for gentle deep cleansing, a Scalp Shield Hair Tonic, that soothes sensitive scalp with added barrier and scalp protection, as well as the High Oil Mild Cleansing Scrub for gentle scalp exfoliating and delicate cleansing, with surprising foam.

2. Everyday Routine: Based on curly consumers’ unique demands we developed three formulations to transform the daily hair care routine: No-Rinse Everyday Refresher is a convenient wipe for hair and scalp refreshing, enabling easy and high-performing cleansing, Damage Repair Antidote supports hair rebuilding and strengthening from within; this premium conditioner replenishes fragile hair after the abuse from chemical processes, while Gently Cleanse Sulfate-free Shampoo is the perfect solution for the gentle, yet high-performing cleansing of curls, to minimize further damage.

3. Solutions for Bouncing Curls: Styling is an important category, and being attuned to that, Evonik offers four innovative styling formulations which include: Hair Definition Primer, for long-lasting defined and moisturized curls; Curls in Place Hair Stick, formulated with natural-based emollients for soft, smooth and disciplined curls; Conditioning Miracle Hair Ampoule, a leave-in conditioner that transforms from very fluid to a rich white emulsion upon the addition of water for a playful experience; and Anti-Frizz Oil in Balm, a rheology transforming experience for unplugged curls regardless of the weather!

All in all, the Curly You concept provides inspiring and suggestive formulations for different curl types. It includes mild and sulfate-free surfactant systems, repair and protective conditioning solutions for both hair and scalp, and creative and on-the-go styling formulations with wide formats, to enable curly consumers to wear their hair naturally. That’s what we call: The Soul & Science of Beauty.


21 formulations found for search term "Decorative Cosmetics".

  • “Second Skin” Foundation - CHN BR 72-0005

    Smooth and caring sensory. O/W system which is very easy to distribute for better application experience. Enhances skin tone and provides high UV protection effect for natural and healthy skin color.

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  • Anti-Oxidant Shield Foundation - SF 09/17-18

    Beauty-Tech - Make-up foundation with the presence of a natural anti-oxidant and powerhouse amino acid to help you fight back free-radicals, while energizing your skin.

    View formulation details
  • Awesome Setting Powder - IA 04/18-04

    Prepare your skin for its upmost natural beauty - This loose-powder will be your final step for a dewy look. It offers the perfect solution for acne-prone skin, controlling oiliness and shine throughout the day.

    View formulation details
  • B3 (Beautiful-Body-Bronzer) Tone-up - JB 02/17-05

    Prepare your skin for its upmost natural beauty - You do not have to be afraid of showing your legs anymore! Improve your confidence with this body tone-up that will protect, hydrate and even your skin, while adding a charming glow.

    View formulation details
  • Balm-to-Tinted Energizing Blush - IA 04/17-06

    Prepare your skin for its upmost natural beauty - Tinted-like blush for a well-rested complex: your cheeks will look more energized and moisturized than ever.

    View formulation details
  • Blue Eye Shadow - BR 11/17-2

    Blue pressed powder cosmetic formulation. TEGO® Feel C 10 as replacement for Nylon or PMMA. For an eye-catching experience.

    View formulation details
  • Diamond "Gal" Shimmering Primer - JB 03/17-12

    Prepare your skin for its upmost natural beauty - Your secret potion for a natural radiant skin. This lightweight formula offers silky and long-lasting smoothing perception. Shine bright like a diamond all day long!

    View formulation details
  • Exercise Proof Foundation - CHN CT 041/0027

    This robust foundation helps to prevent the smudging caused by sweat, yet maintains a lighter skin feel. Keep your face looking fresh and selfie ready throughout your tough workout!

    View formulation details
  • Eyelash Booster Gel - SF 03/17-B

    This Eyelash Booster Gel provides improvement in eyelash length plus volume and triggers the dramatic expression of your eyes (clinically tested).

    View formulation details
  • Girl´s Lip Gloss - 6.5.1/1991202
    View formulation details
  • HyaCare Lip Filler - AS 1897-3

    Caring lip Balm with HyaCare Filler CL, who instantly fills fine wrinkles of the lip and thoroughly hydrates the skin.

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  • Instantly Replenished Lips - JB 21/17-07

    Prepare your skin for its upmost natural beauty - This bold deep purple lipstick will rock your lips! Its formula combines ingredients that will offer extra care and moisturization for instantly replenished lips.

    View formulation details
  • Insta-Selfie Loose Powder - SAC-6056-198

    Digital Beauty - This loose-powder offers matte-effect and is the perfect on-the-go solution to keep your skin flawless and beautiful for selfies.

    View formulation details
  • Let them Grow! Cream Gel - SF 03/17-08

    Prepare your skin for its upmost natural beauty - Trigger the dramatic expression of your eyes and achieve fuller and bold eyelashes and brows.

    View formulation details
  • Make-Up Remover Lotion - IA 67/14-2
    View formulation details
  • Oil Control Powder - BR 10/17-1

    Pressed powder cosmetic formulation matching light skin types. TEGO® Feel C 10 as replacement for Nylon or PMMA. Provides a mattifying effect.

    View formulation details
  • Red Carpet Moment - ST 02/18-18

    Trendy red colored lipstick with pink tint and effect pigments. TEGO® SP 13-6 provides glossy lipstick appearance and well dispersed pigments. Easy release from the mold during processing due to shrinkage of TEGO® SP 13-6.

    View formulation details
  • Sweat Proof Foundation - ST 08/17-15

    Sweat and wear resistant foundation due to TEGO® SP 13-1. Be selfie-ready even during your hardest body workout.

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  • W/O BB Cream SPF 20 - SAC-5829-167
    View formulation details
  • Water Drop Foundation - SF 8/15-5
    View formulation details
  • Youth Highlighter Soufflé - IA 03/17-06

    Prepare your skin for its upmost natural beauty - Whipped-like highlighter with incredibly iridescent effect for multiple application: on cheeks, eyes or mixed to your lip-gloss! Moreover, it improves moisturization and rejuvenates skin

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