De-stress your skin

High Oil Cleansing

With this concept, we provide a solution for rinse-off formulations that contain high levels of oil, whilst at the same time deliver superior foaming properties. Now consumers can clean and care their skin in one step, thanks to the development of high oil body washes and shampoos. Consumers daily beauty routines have been simplified by this perfect 2in1 solution.  

  • High-Oil Cleansers help to cleanse the skin and take care of it at the same time

  • Benefits:  Simplifies everyday beauty routines

  • The challenge: To provide superior foam cleansing for high oil level containing formulations

  • Evonik’s solution: Structured systems instead of micellar systems

  • Product highlights: TEGO® Sulfosuccinate DO 75 & ANTIL® Soft SC MB & RHEANCE® One

Consumers today are looking for simple and timesaving cosmetic solutions that not only cleanse their skin but also take care of it. Cleansing formulations that contain high oil levels are therefore in high demand, as they appear to offer the perfect 2in1 solution. The new, dual approach is suitable for all types of cleansing and care applications. For skin care products such as creamy body washes, high oil level cleansing formulations allow for additional claims (e.g. a rich skin feel or moisturizing), new sensational textures (e.g. body wash creams or mousses), as well as the easy addition of peeling additives. 

The challenges for rinse off formulations containing high oil level lies within their usually poor foaming properties, stability, texture and viscosity. Facing these challenges, Evonik has developed a highly innovative technology that allows formulations to be created that produce a creamy texture for rich sensorial effects, but still offer good foaming and cleansing properties. The award-winning technology is based on hydrophobic TEGO® Sulfosuccinate DO 75 (Diethylhexyl Sodium Sulfosuccinate) or ANTIL® Soft SC MB (Sorbitan Sesquicaprylate). In addition, PEG- and Sulfate-free systems are also possible, for instance the recently launched RHEANCE® One, multifunctional solution for gentle cleansing, can replace Sodium Laureth Sulfate in such systems.

With this high oil cleansing concept, Evonik provides an inspiring selection of formulations for different types of high oil rinse-off formulations including body washes, facial cleanser, make-up removal cream and different hair care solutions, that have all been tested and proven to outperform common market products. This is what we call “The Soul & Science of Beauty”.


Hair restore cleansing balm


Balm texture. Less harsh to hair fibers and scalp.





TEGO® Alkanol 1618

(Cetearyl Alcohol)


VARISOFT® BT 85 Pellets

(Behentrimonium Chloride )


ABIL® Quat 3676

(Quaternium-80; Dipropylene Glycol)




ad 100.00

TEGO® Cosmo C 100









Structure XL

(Hydroxypropyl Starch Phosphate, Akzo)



Verstatil® PC

(Phenoxyethanol; Caprylyl Glycol)





1. Phase B: dissolve TEGO Cosmo c 100 in water, add remaining ingredients in teh given order. Heat to ~85°C and stir until uniform.
2. Phase A: Blend all ingredients, heat to ~85°C and stir until uniform.
3. Add B to A and homogenize at 10,000 rpm. Adjust pH to ~5 with Lactic Acid.
4. Add Phase C slowly at ~45°C and homogenize at 1200 rpm for 5 min.
5. Add Phase D and stir until uniform.


Balm texture. Less harsh to hair fibers and scalp.
Viscosity (Brookfield, 25°C): ~50 Pas.
Antimicrobial effectiveness testing: in progress.