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Sulfate-free concept

For many years, sulfate-containing surfactants have been the predominant base for personal care cleansing formulations. With consumers becoming more and more conscious when it comes to cosmetic ingredients, there is a trend toward replacing these traditional surfactants with sulfate-free alternatives. Evonik Personal Care offers a range of highly effective sulfate-free cleansing formulations.

  • Sulfate-free formulations are gaining popularity

  • Benefits: Enhanced mildness, improved wash fastness of hair dyes

  • The challenge: Sulfate-free surfactants usually have poor foaming and are difficult to thicken 

  • Evonik’s solution: Optimized combination of surfactants & addition of thickening agents

  • Product highlights: REWOTERIC® AM C, ANTIL® Soft SC MB, ANTIL® SPA 80, TEGO® Sulfosuccinate DO 75

These days, many cosmetic products advertise the absence of various ingredients that are out of consumer favor, such as parabens, preservatives in general, or sulfates. Many consumers associate such 'free-from' claims with cosmetic benefits such as increased mildness and often being more naturally-derived products. Sulfates, particularly in personal cleansing products, have the disadvantage of being aggressive to the hair, scalp and skin. Consequently, the number of sulfate-free shampoos on the market has grown significantly over the past few years.
The challenge of formulating with sulfate-free surfactants lies in their poor foaming properties and difficult thickenability. Consumer research has shown that a product’s foaming properties, as well as its viscosity, are major determining factors in the consumer’s perception of product cleansing efficacy and quality. Therefore, the appearance, density and longevity of foam along with the product’s look and feel in application are crucial parameters. Evonik’s solution to this challenge is an optimized combination of surfactants with the addition of high-performing thickening agents.

With REWOTERIC® AM C, Evonik offers a highly skin-compatible amphoteric surfactant that provides strong foaming and viscosifying properties and is additionally preservative-free. Systematic tests on hair swatches have shown that sulfate-free surfactant systems are significantly beneficial in improving the wash fastness of dyed hair.

For the perfect combination in surfactant formulations, ANTIL® Soft SC MB, a natural based additive, has proven to add excellent thickening and foam boosting properties to sulfate-free cleansing formulations. Another PEG-free rheological additive with optimized surfactant thickening efficacy which enables temperature-stable viscosities is ANTIL® SPA 80

Consumer demand for innovative textures, especially in body washes, is constantly on the rise. Sulfate-free formulations with a high oil level are particularly challenging for formulators due to their foaming, stability, texture and viscosity properties. With TEGO® Sulfosuccinate DO 75, Evonik provides a solution for these challenges. The anionic surfactant is especially suitable for high oil-containing (up to 50%) and foaming cleansing formulations and is therefore suitable for body washes / shampoos. 

With this concept, Evonik offers an inspirational selection of highly in-demand solutions for different types of sulfate-free cleansing formulations. The concept includes conditioning shampoos, hair and body washes, sulfate- & PEG- (& betaine-) free formulations as well as a high oil-containing body wash cream.

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27 formulations found for search term "Lotions W/O".

  • Cold processable W/O Lotion - F 49/04-3

    Your skin is well protected from drying out after one application

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  • Cooling Body Lotion - SZ 17/16-1
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  • Deeply Moisturizing Lotion - H 24/16-8

    The liquid emulsifier ISOLAN® 17 MB can be used for creating emulsions based on cold-processing. ISOLAN® 17 MB is compatible with challenging active ingredients such as Lactic Acid.

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  • Dual-Action Wrinkle Serum - MK 3/10-25
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  • Economic W/O Body Lotion - H 19/14-3

    ISOLAN® GPS allows the formulation of economic W/O emulsions with a low oil phase content (22%) which can be manufactured via a cold/cold process.

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  • Fresh W/O Body Lotion - SF 01/15-5
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  • Give Your Body A Natural Treat Lotion - BR 7/16-13

    ISOLAN® 17 MB can handle high amounts of natural emollients and triglycerides. ISOLAN® 17 MB can be used in combination with alternative preservation systems, alcohol or natural acids for creating natural cosmetics.

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  • Light W/O Body Lotion - F 38/04-8

    Easy spreading and quick absorbing body milk for a smooth skin feeling

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  • Light W/O Body Lotion - H 16/17-9

    The light skin feel of this W/O Body Lotion based on ISOLAN® GPS is achievable due to the very low oil phase content.

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  • Natural Lotion with Bioalcohol - BR 7/16-14
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  • Natural Lotion with High Oilphase - BR 4/16-17
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  • Natural Low Shine W/O Lotion - BR 14/17-20

    TEGO® Feel C 10 efficiently improves the absorption. Fully based on natural ingredients. Daily lotion for dry skin.

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  • Natural W/O Lotion - H 10/10-1

    Lotion for normal skin leaving a soft feel

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  • PEG-free W/O Lotion (cold processing) - MK 47/04-19
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  • PEG-free W/O Lotion (cold processing) - MK 7/16-1
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  • Refreshing Body Lotion - JS 12/17-10

    Cooling W/O Lotion with 20% Alcohol, stabilized with high-performance emulsifier ABIL EM 180.

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  • Sea Salt Hydrating Body Lotion - H 18/16-13

    ISOLAN® 17 MB tolerates high electrolyte levels. The light emollient TEGOSOFT® DEC provides a soft skin feel.

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  • Silky Body Lotion - JS 8/16-4

    Moisturizing W/O Lotion that improves the barrier function of the Skin and provides the Skin with NMF substances.

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  • Soft Care Cream - JS 8/16-6
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  • Velvet Luxurious Body Lotion - MM 328/4/2

    Moisturizing W/O Lotion that improves the barrier function of the skin and provides the skin with NMF substances.

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  • W/O Lotion - JS 8/16-9

    Body Lotion

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  • W/O Lotion - BK 05/94
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  • W/O Lotion (40% Oil Phase) - F 80/96

    Super rich lotion for intensive protective care

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  • W/O Lotion with 0.5% Emulsifier and 20% Alcohol - H 12/18-2
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  • W/O Silk Body Milk - SZ 10/14-1
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  • W/O Skin Nutrition Lotion - JS 8/16-3

    W/O Skin Nutrition Lotion with two actives for vitalizing properties: TEGO® Arjuna S, the versatile skin vitalizer and TEGO Cosmo® C 100, the skin's cell vitalizer.

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  • Winter Time Body Lotion - CD 1024/3

    Moisturizing W/O Body Lotion

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