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For many years, sulfate-containing surfactants have been the predominant base for personal care cleansing formulations. With consumers becoming more and more conscious when it comes to cosmetic ingredients, there is a trend toward replacing these traditional surfactants with sulfate-free alternatives. Evonik Personal Care offers a range of highly effective sulfate-free cleansing formulations.

  • Sulfate-free formulations are gaining popularity

  • Benefits: Enhanced mildness, improved wash fastness of hair dyes

  • The challenge: Sulfate-free surfactants usually have poor foaming and are difficult to thicken 

  • Evonik’s solution: Optimized combination of surfactants & addition of thickening agents

  • Product highlights: REWOTERIC® AM C, ANTIL® Soft SC, ANTIL® SPA 80, TEGO® Sulfosuccinate DO 75

These days, many cosmetic products advertise the absence of various ingredients that are out of consumer favor, such as parabens, preservatives in general, or sulfates. Many consumers associate such 'free-from' claims with cosmetic benefits such as increased mildness and often being more naturally-derived products. Sulfates, particularly in personal cleansing products, have the disadvantage of being aggressive to the hair, scalp and skin. Consequently, the number of sulfate-free shampoos on the market has grown significantly over the past few years.
The challenge of formulating with sulfate-free surfactants lies in their poor foaming properties and difficult thickenability. Consumer research has shown that a product’s foaming properties, as well as its viscosity, are major determining factors in the consumer’s perception of product cleansing efficacy and quality. Therefore, the appearance, density and longevity of foam along with the product’s look and feel in application are crucial parameters. Evonik’s solution to this challenge is an optimized combination of surfactants with the addition of high-performing thickening agents.

With REWOTERIC® AM C, Evonik offers a highly skin-compatible amphoteric surfactant that provides strong foaming and viscosifying properties and is additionally preservative-free. Systematic tests on hair swatches have shown that sulfate-free surfactant systems are significantly beneficial in improving the wash fastness of dyed hair.

For the perfect combination in surfactant formulations, ANTIL® Soft SC, a natural based additive, has proven to add excellent thickening and foam boosting properties to sulfate-free cleansing formulations. Another PEG-free rheological additive with optimized surfactant thickening efficacy which enables temperature-stable viscosities is ANTIL® SPA 80

Consumer demand for innovative textures, especially in body washes, is constantly on the rise. Sulfate-free formulations with a high oil level are particularly challenging for formulators due to their foaming, stability, texture and viscosity properties. With TEGO® Sulfosuccinate DO 75, Evonik provides a solution for these challenges. The anionic surfactant is especially suitable for high oil-containing (up to 50%) and foaming cleansing formulations and is therefore suitable for body washes / shampoos. 

With this concept, Evonik offers an inspirational selection of highly in-demand solutions for different types of sulfate-free cleansing formulations. The concept includes conditioning shampoos, hair and body washes, sulfate- & PEG- (& betaine-) free formulations as well as a high oil-containing body wash cream.

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  • Anti-hair-loss scalp care micellar tonic (alcohol free) - 2018-CN-RO-BR-071-0009

    Mild scalp care toner with anti-hair-loss efficacy.

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  • Blue Light Protect Foundation SPF 20 - SF 09/17-18

    Beauty-Tech - Make-up foundation with the presence of a natural anti-oxidant and powerhouse amino acid to help you fight back free-radicals, while energizing your skin.

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  • Cloud kiss foam conditioner - WP 615/1

    Dense foam texture, good conditioning effect

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  • Damage restoring micellar jelly conditioner - 2018-CN-RO-BR-075-0008

    New Texture: clear micellar conditioner. Good conditioning effect.

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  • Easy smoothing hair stick - BR077-0004

    Hair stick highly suitable for ponytail and braid hair styles

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  • Foaming Intensive Care Body Wash Cream, PEG- and sulfate-free - UL 5761/31

    Including 50% Sunflower Oil. A rich cream which foams like a standard body wash. Innovative texture for a body wash with an impressive sensorial effect.

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  • Foaming Intensive Care Body Wash Cream, sulfate-free - UL 5761/21

    Including 50% Sunflower Oil. A rich cream which foams like a standard body wash. Innovative texture for a body wash with an impressive sensorial effect.

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  • Foaming Intensive Care Body Wash Cream, sulfate-free - UL 5761/13

    Including 20% Sunflower Oil. A rich cream which foams like a standard body wash. Innovative texture for a body wash with an impressive sensorial effect.

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  • Hair refreshing micellar mist - 2018-CN-RO-BR-053-0005

    Micellar liquid removing unpleasant odor.

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  • Hair restore cleansing balm - 2018-CN-RO-BR-021-0011

    Balm texture. Less harsh to hair fibers and scalp.

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  • Insta-Selfie Loose Powder - SAC-6056-198

    Digital Beauty - This loose-powder offers matte-effect and is the perfect on-the-go solution to keep your skin flawless and beautiful for selfies.

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  • Mild Baby Shampoo, slightly conditioning, sulfate-free - UW 41/9/2

    Clear and mild formulation with slight conditoning and antistatic properties.

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  • Mild conditioning shampoo, sulfate-free - UW 231/8 a

    This mild conditioning shampoo ("low poo") combines mild cleansing with efficient conditioning properties for both hair and skin. It provides a dense and creamy foam.

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  • Mouthwash, PEG-, Sulfate-, Betaine-free - AM 31/17

    Mild and clear mouthwash including RHEANCE One, a Glycolipid for the development of mild formulations, an important feature of mouthwash. To support this mildness approach the formula is PEG-, Sulfate-, and CAPB-free.

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  • Natural oil foaming cream conditioner - UL 5761/67

    Creamy texture with pleasant foaming properties. 2 in 1 intensive conditioning and refatting effect plus cleansing.

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  • Perfect day hair fresh micellar wipe liquid - 2018-CN-RO-BR-001-0008

    PEG-free. Anti-Pollution - deep cleansing on PM 2.5 and sebum of hair fibers

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  • Pure and fresh clear conditoner - 2018-CN-RO-BR-013-0067

    New texture: clear micellar conditioner, good conditioning effect

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  • Purifying micellar shampoo - 2018-CN-RO-BR-019-0006-3

    high cleansing efficacy with low level of surfactants; anti-Pollution/deep cleansing of PM 2.5 and sebum.

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  • Smudge-free Cationic Hand Cream - SAC-6056-38

    Digital Beauty - This hand moisturizer combines the cationic technology, very light emollients and natural cellulose fibers to improve absorption and to reduce oil transfer.

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  • Strain Defense Eye Cream Gel - JS 6/17-7

    Digital Beauty - Eye cream gel with elegant and soft skin feel, preventing and reducing wrinkles that can be caused by the prolonged use of digital devices.

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  • Tech Neck Cream - MM 377/4

    Digital Beauty - Your neck is as important as your face! This cream offers the perfect combination of anti-aging actives to keep the skin of your neck protected against the effects of text-neck.

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  • Ultimate Clean Hand & Device - DCA-6061-30

    Digital Beauty - Convenient solution for the hygiene of your devices, with the added benefit of defogging glass surfaces.

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  • Unplugged Hair Leave-in - MKM-6054-119

    Digital Beauty - Leave-in for perfect and “in-place” hair, wherever you are. It tames frizz and fly-aways and leaves hair soft and glossy for perfect selfies!

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