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9 formulations found for search term "ABIL® Wax 9840".

  • O/W Hand Care Treatment - GP 4/99-11

    Rich, silky hand cream with water repelling effects from TEGIN Pellets

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  • O/W Hand Cream - fast absorbing - GP 3/99-8

    Mineral oil free hand cream based on TEGINACID C as emulsifier

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  • Skin Refreshing Lemon Sorbet - FU 01/18-3

    New type of quick breaking formula recommended for skin care products which focus on instantaneous “Hydration” property: With an instant water breaking effect. With a watery feel is very obvious & nice. Multi skin feel. Can also be used as toner which is easy to apply but still with good watery texture during application.

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  • Contouring Transformation Gel - MKM-6057-006

    Redefine yourself… with a light, silky-feeling gel that promotes the appearance of firmer skin while melting into the skin for a more even appearance

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  • Hydra Quench Gel to Water - ESG 1023/QZ-01

    Multi-sensorial experience: Gel to water to silky skin feel. Instant burst of water leaving skin feeling well hydrated and fresh. Especially recommended for 'thirsty' skin.

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  • Moist Up Sleeping Mask - ESG 1021/QZ-01

    A deep mositurizing sleep mask for all skin types. Delivers a silky and hydrating skin feel. Pamper yourself to an overnight treatment.

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  • Goodnight Sleep Mask - ESG 1020/QZ-01

    A night mask that improves skin radiance and increases skin moisture retention.

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  • Moisture Rise Gel to Water Hydrator - ESG 1033/YT

    Gelly skin care product which focus on instantaneous “Hydration” property

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  • Inorganic sunscreen lotion SPF 20, waterproof - ST 13/18-37

    In vivo SPF and water resistance tested formulation. Based on TEGO® Care PBS 6 MB, a fully natural-based, versatile O/W emulsifier for challenging low viscous systems. Finely dispersed Zinc Oxide and Titianium Dioxide due to TEGO® SP 13 Sun Up and ABIL® Wax 9840. With dermofeel® sensolv MB and TEGOSOFT® DEC for a light skin feel.

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