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17 formulations found for search term "TEGOSOFT® PC 41 MB".

  • Shower Gel for dry skin - UM 289/9/2

    Skin-compatible body wash with LACTIL, a NMF mimic

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  • Two component Oil Bath - UM 289/12

    PEG-free spa treatment based on TEGOSOFT PC 41

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  • Cleansing Tonic for blemished skin - also for Teens - SG 896/13

    Soothing facial treatment with NMF mimic and skin-beneficial Phytosphingosine

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  • Clear 2in1 Shower Gel - ST-SP 1

    Moisturizes the skin with LACTIL, a NMF mimic and TEGOSOFT M as emollient

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  • PEG-free Conditioning Shampoo for long hair - UM 289/8/3

    Pearlized shampoo with a binary conditioning system of a silicone quat and a natural polymer for easy comb and improved feel

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  • PEG-free Wet Wipe solution base - SG 870/6

    Impregnating liquid for wet wipes containing the PEG-free emulsifier TEGOSOFT PC 41 and the emollient TEGOSOFT M

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  • Clear Deo Roll-on - BR 11/10-1
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  • Micellar Water for Facial Cleansing - UL 5803/9.1

    Removes very efficiently long lasting Make-up, Mascara (both, water-soluble and water-proof), Eyeliner. No water consumption (no rinsing required). Includes moisturizing active. PEG-free.

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  • Micellar Gel for Facial Cleansing, PEG-free - UL 5803/9.1.1

    Clear gel with air bubbles. Removes make-up. Includes moisturizing active.

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  • Micellar Water for Refreshing Facial Cleansing, PEG-free - RY 5814-102

    Very mild 3-in-1 formulation as cleanser, make-up remover and Skin soother.

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  • Gentle micellar cleansing gel, PEG-free - AM 19/4.7

    Cleanses Skin gently yet thoroughly. Reduced risk of penetration into eyes due to gel form. Includes moisturizing active.

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  • Unplugged Hair Leave-in - MKM-6057-119

    Digital Beauty - Leave-in for perfect and “in-place” hair, wherever you are. It tames frizz and fly-aways and leaves hair soft and glossy for perfect selfies!

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  • Ultimate Clean Hand & Device - DCA-6061-30

    Digital Beauty - Convenient solution for the hygiene of your devices, with the added benefit of defogging glass surfaces.

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  • Naturally Refreshing Mask for Age-less Skin - SAC-6056-165

    Benefits of using Naturally Refreshing Mask for Age-less Skin: enjoy the natural power of moisturization and skin protection from carefully selected botanical extract and derivative products.

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  • Balancing Boost - ESG 1043/19

    Clear liquid. Reduces acne on the skin. Provides anti-inflammatory and skin soothing benefits

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  • Hydra Quench Gel to Water - ESG 1023/QZ-01

    Multi-sensorial experience: Gel to water to silky skin feel. Instant burst of water leaving skin feeling well hydrated and fresh. Especially recommended for 'thirsty' skin.

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  • Moisture Rise Gel to Water Hydrator - ESG 1033/YT

    Gelly skin care product which focus on instantaneous “Hydration” property

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