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6 formulations found for search term "TEGO® SML 20 MB".

  • 2 Phase Leave-in Conditioner Spray - WA 196/39 b

    Shake-before-use hair treatment with film forming and hair repair benefits - milky upper phase contains hydrophobic conditioners, clear lower phase contributes hydrophilic conditioning

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  • 3in1: Whole Body Clean & Shave Shower Gel FOR MEN - UW 508/4

    Mild hair and body shampoo with pleasent refatting and conditioning effect. As additional benefit also suitable for shaving. Provides a dense and creamy foam.

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  • Brightening Boost - ESG 1041/19

    Face brightening concentrate. Clear serum.

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  • Balancing Boost - ESG 1043/19

    Clear liquid. Reduces acne on the skin. Provides anti-inflammatory and skin soothing benefits

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  • Deep Restoring Overnight Serum - SAC-6070-86

    Renew aged skin efficiently through engineered retinol

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  • Deep perfecting spot serum - SAC-6070-123

    Refine and vitalize discolored spots on your skin

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