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15 formulations found for search term "TAGAT® CH 40".

  • Mild Hair and Body Shampoo - SG 1092/1

    low SLES-concentration

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  • Leave-in Conditioning Mousse - UK 99/4

    Mild hair treatment with scalp care properties containing a NMF mimic

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  • Hair repair leave-in-conditioner spray - MAC 372/1/3

    Treatment for hair with the additional benefit of scalp moisturizing - contains Ceramide VI

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  • Mild foaming liquid for wet wipes - WA 202/4

    Impregnating liquid for cleansing wet wipes applications imparting a silky and smooth skin feel

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  • Mild Clear Babyshampoo - SG 1057/2

    low anionic surfactant concentration, RBC: slightly irritant (L/D: 28)

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  • Clear leave-in Conditioning Foam - JB 211/5

    with Creatine; based on VARISOFT 300 and ABIL Quat 3272; with moisturizer

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  • Clear Leave-In Conditioning Foam with Heat Protecting Properties - WP 47/2

    Suitable for application with a pump foamer, e.g. Airspray. The formulation provides a creamy and dense foam.

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  • Very Mild Clear Baby Shampoo - AK 196/1b

    RBC test result: basically non irritant.

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  • Strong conditioning Shampoo for curly hair - AK 347/25.1

    Improves wet comb/detangling. New 4/13

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  • Anti-Hair Loss Tonic - MM 250/1/9

    Hair Tonic with SPHINGONY. It prolonges the anagen phase of the hair growth.

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  • Silky Smooth and Even Brilliant Mask - CHN 060-0033

    This impregnating solution is transparent and has a quite low viscosity which is supposed to work on various kinds of mask materials. By adding TEGOSOFT® GC, a hydrophilic emollient, it helps to offer soft and smooth skin feel after using. The solution includes a full range of various actives like eg. TEGO® Pep 4-Even which brightens the skin and improves the evenness of skin tone.

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  • Relieving Hair & Scalp Tonic - MAC 901/3/4

    The hair tonic calms irritated scalp and reduces itching and erythema

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  • 3-in-1 Treatment Concentrate: Repair. Condition. Protect - ESG10003/19

    Conditioner which offers excellent conditiong & heat protection. It reduces hair breakage and soothes irritated scalp.

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  • Revitalizing Scalp Care Serum - ESG10004/19

    Hair strengthener with antibacterial protection. Refreshing feel with scalp relief properties.

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  • Anti-Hair Loss Micellar Tonic - ESG10007/19

    Keeps the scalp healthy. Strengthens hair. Reduces hair loss.

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