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15 formulations found for search term "TEGOSOFT® PC 31 MB".

  • Pearlized Body Wash - ST-SB 9

    Moisturizing shower gel with skin conditioning ingredients

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  • Dry Skin Shower Oil - SG 878/1

    Cleansing system for extra dry skin based on TEGOSOFT PC 31 for improved skin health and feel

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  • Premium Facial Cleansing Foam - FM 12036

    A cocktail of skin-beneficial ingredients that moisturize and energize the skin

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  • Shower Gel with Air Bubbles - VK 83/10

    Air bubbles do not precipitate due to yield value.

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  • Mild Clear Babyshampoo - SG 1057/2

    low anionic surfactant concentration, RBC: slightly irritant (L/D: 28)

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  • Moisturizing Body Wash - WP 9/20

    Contains a complex of skin conditioning agents (silicone and organic based). Free of Betaine.

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  • Mild and Creamy Facial Cleansing Foam - JB 211/1

    Very mild, refatting and moisturizing. Provides creamy and stable foam.

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  • Moisturizing body wash - JB 215/1

    Contains a complex of skin conditioning agents (silicone based, cationic, organic).

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  • Liquid Soap with Odor Absorber - AK 238/6.3

    with TEGO Deo CW 90. Based on anionic surfactants (aminogroup of amphoteric surfactants inactivate Zinc Ricinoleate).

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  • Humectant Facial Cleansing Gel with Pearls - UW 507/4

    includes Jojoba pearls

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  • City Defense Purifying Mild Facial Cleanser - CHN BR 13-008-0021
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  • Mild Facial Cleansing Gel, PEG- and Sulfate-free - RY 5814-118

    The Mild Facial Cleansing Gel, PEG- and Sulfate free combines mild surfactants with foam boosting ingredients

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  • Urban Warrior Charcoal Mask - SAC-6068-135

    Charcoal Facial Mask is a trendy solution which effectively purifies the facial skin. Enhancing the product to meet consumers need for multifunctional benefits, addressing areas of acne and redness on skin.

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  • Anti-Hair Loss Micellar Tonic - ESG10007/19

    Keeps the scalp healthy. Strengthens hair. Reduces hair loss.

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  • Oil cleansing balm for make-up removal - EK-60678-106

    Moisturizing and mild cleansing properties. Efficiently removes make-up. Based on readily biodegradable ingredients.

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