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9 formulations found for search term "ANTIL® 171".

  • Mild Hair and Body Shampoo - SG 1092/1

    low SLES-concentration

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  • Moisturizing Hair and Body Shampoo - UM 24/7

    Creamy foaming hair and body cleanser formulated to the skin´s natural pH

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  • Clear Conditioning Shampoo - MAC 387/1/1

    Contains TEGO Cosmo C 100 to protect the hair from damage

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  • Clear 2in1 Conditioning Shampoo - AB-103

    Contains a care complex of silicone agents

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  • Mild Baby Shampoo - WA 53/45

    RBC-test result: slightly irritant

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  • Clear Hair Shampoo with UV-protecting Properties - AK 79/1

    includes 1% ABIL UV Quat 50

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  • Clear AP/Deo Roll-on (Microemulsion) - H 11/10-27
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  • Clear Baby Bubble Bath, Sulfate-free - AK 339/1

    Mild formula without Sodium Laureth Sulfate.

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  • Mild Shower Gel (Sulfate-free) - Tattoo Care - UM 216/38

    Avoid infection with mildness. The tattooed skin needs to be cleansed with a mild cleanser, as it tends to get sensitive. This mild shower gel contains a combination of ingredients providing different skin care benefits: LACTIL, TEGO Betain 810 and TEGOSOFT LSE 65 K Soft.

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