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15 formulations found for search term "ABIL® Soft AF 100".

  • Conditioning rinse for long and fine hair - UK 168/F/5

    Especially improves the volume and manageability of long and damaged hair

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  • 2 Phase Shower Gel - WA 185/15

    Shake-before-use body wash with silicone skin conditioner

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  • Premium Facial Cleansing Foam - FM 12036

    A cocktail of skin-beneficial ingredients that moisturize and energize the skin

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  • Clear Conditioning Shampoo - MAC 387/1/1

    Contains TEGO Cosmo C 100 to protect the hair from damage

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  • Conditioning hair rinse for fine hair - UK 168/F/4

    Provides volume and style retention - does not over-soften the hair.

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  • Conditioning hair rinse for normal hair - UK 168/N/1

    Everyday conditioner for improved manageability containing a complex of silicone and organic-based conditioners

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  • Color boosting conditioning shampoo - VK 23/5

    Surfactant system and conditioning ingredients are optimized to provide excellent color uptake (suited for direct dyes)

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  • Mild Conditioning Shampoo for Kids / Babies - SG 1055/2

    Very mild clear formula containing the advantegeous combination of an organic, a silicone and a polymeric conditioning agent.Low SLES content.

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  • Sun Protecting Ringing Gel Wax with Mica - AK 66/3

    Setting/Styling Wax with UV protecting properties. Provides silky gloss, esp. on dark hair.

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  • Basic Hair Conditioner - WP 44/1

    Cationic emulsion formula for excellent combability without loss in volume. One phase production at only 60-65°C.

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  • Leave-in Conditioner for Afro-textured Hair, styling and relaxing properties - WA 260/5

    Strong conditioning and smoothing W/O-emulsion with styling / relaxing properties.

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  • 2 Phase Leave-in Conditioner Spray - WA 196/39 b

    Shake-before-use hair treatment with film forming and hair repair benefits - milky upper phase contains hydrophobic conditioners, clear lower phase contributes hydrophilic conditioning

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  • Strong condtioning hair rinse for damaged hair - SG 978/4 b

    Hair repair formula coats the hair shaft for an even surface and provides a healthy appearance. With Ceramides.

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  • Intensive conditioner for heavily damaged hair - WA 156/4/2 b

    Formula coats the hair shaft for an even surface and provides a healthy appearance

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  • Setting Cream - WA 156/5/13 b

    Light conditiong setting formula with split end repair properties

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