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17 formulations found for search term "ABIL® Quat 3272".

  • PEG-free Conditioning Shampoo for long hair - UM 289/8/3

    Pearlized shampoo with a binary conditioning system of a silicone quat and a natural polymer for easy comb and improved feel

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  • Clear 2in1 Conditioning Shampoo - AB-103

    Contains a care complex of silicone agents

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  • Mild Conditioning Shampoo - ST-CS 1

    Formula for normal hair with slight conditioning properties containing pearlizing agents

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  • Leave-in Conditioning Mousse - UK 99/4

    Mild hair treatment with scalp care properties containing a NMF mimic

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  • Shampoo for grey/white and coarse hair - SG 909/12

    Combination of conditioning ingredients has been optimized for the treatment of dry and coarse hair

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  • Shampoo for normal hair - SG 992/1

    Formula using the conditioner combination of ABIL Quat 3272 and PQ-10

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  • Shampoo for curly hair - SG 992/2

    Formula which gives a smooth appearance to the hair and improves wet comb/detangling

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  • Clear Conditioning Shampoo - SG 978/12/2

    contains a synergistic conditoning complex and a scalp moisturizer

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  • Conditioning shampoo for coarse damaged hair - SG 1095/5

    Clear. Includes a conditiong complex to improve comb, feel and gloss of damaged hair.

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  • Clear leave-in Conditioning Foam - JB 211/5

    with Creatine; based on VARISOFT 300 and ABIL Quat 3272; with moisturizer

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  • Conditioning Anti-Dandruff Shampoo - UW 41/3

    containing Zn-Pyrithione, Rewoteric AM BU 185 and the synergistic conditioner-combination ABIL Quat 3272/PQ-10

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  • Advanced Sheen Hair Protecting Treatment - EA 120315-HM
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  • 3 Minute Restore Conditioner - JB 04/18-2

    The conditioner helps to strengthen damaged hair and is gentle to the scalp.

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  • Damage restoring micellar jelly conditioner - 2018-CN-RO-BR-075-0008

    New Texture: clear micellar conditioner. Good conditioning effect.

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  • Perfect day hair fresh micellar wipe liquid - 2018-CN-RO-BR-001-0008

    PEG-free. Anti-Pollution - deep cleansing on PM 2.5 and sebum of hair fibers

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  • Hair refreshing micellar mist - 2018-CN-RO-BR-053-0005

    Micellar liquid removing unpleasant odor.

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  • Easy smoothing hair stick - BR077-0004

    Hair stick highly suitable for ponytail and braid hair styles

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