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4 formulations found for search term "ABIL® B 9950".

  • Clear Anti-dandruff Shampoo - UK 65/2/5

    Clear formula with Octopirox

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  • Conditioning Shampoo for dyed Hair - SG 909/3.2

    Conditioning formula of ABIL B 9950 and a natural polymer proven to reduce the fading out of artificial dyes

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  • Shampoo for fine hair - SG 909/5

    Ternary conditioning complex of ABIL B 9950, VARISOFT PATC and a natural polymer to improve volume and styleability.

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  • Shampoo for thick hair - SG 992/3

    Uses a conditioner combination of ABIL B 9950 and PQ-10 which minimizes volume and helps to straigthen the hair

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