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11 formulations found for search term "VARISOFT® BT 85 Pellets".

  • Conditioning hair rinse for coloured hair - SG 872/1

    Formula provides wash fastness and makes hair feel smoother.

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  • Basic Hair Conditioner - WP 44/1

    Cationic emulsion formula for excellent combability without loss in volume. One phase production at only 60-65°C.

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  • Conditioner with heat protecting properties - WP 65/2

    Strong conditioning formula. One phase production.

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  • Conditioning hair rinse with UV protecting properties, PEG-free - UW 80

    Efficient conditioning.

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  • Conditioner with protecting properties - UW 177

    This conditoning rinse provides very good conditioning properties combined with heat protecting and color wash fastness properties.

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  • Strong condtioning hair rinse for damaged hair - SG 978/4 b

    Hair repair formula coats the hair shaft for an even surface and provides a healthy appearance. With Ceramides.

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  • Intensive conditioning hair rinse - UW 955/2
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  • 3 Minute Restore Conditioner - JB 04/18-2

    The conditioner helps to strengthen damaged hair and is gentle to the scalp.

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  • Cloud kiss foam conditioner - WP 615/1

    Dense foam texture, good conditioning effect

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  • Hair restore cleansing balm - 2018-CN-RO-BR-021-0011

    Balm texture. Less harsh to hair fibers and scalp.

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  • Hair & Scalp Revive Conditioner - ESG15009/19

    A rinse-out conditioner delivering excellent conditioning and improving wash fastness of colored hair. Outstanding heat protection properties. Scalp irritation relieve.

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