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6 formulations found for search term "ABIL® T Quat 60".

  • Clear Leave-In Conditioning Foam with Heat Protecting Properties - WP 47/2

    Suitable for application with a pump foamer, e.g. Airspray. The formulation provides a creamy and dense foam.

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  • Conditioner with heat protecting properties - WP 65/2

    Strong conditioning formula. One phase production.

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  • Conditioning Shampoo for Coarse and Damaged Hair with Color Protecting Properties - WP 46/3 b

    Includes a conditioning complex to improve comb, feel and gloss of damaged hair.

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  • Conditioning Shampoo - UW 41/7/4

    Clear formulation including the synergistic combination of PQ-10 and a silicone quat.

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  • Milky dual hair and scalp protection - AS 1920/7

    Leave-in conditioner for hair and scalp

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  • Intensive conditioning hair rinse - UW 955/2
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