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10 formulations found for search term "REWOPOL® SB CS 50 B MB".

  • Mild Hair and Body Shampoo - SG 1092/1

    low SLES-concentration

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  • Premium Facial Cleansing Foam - FM 12036

    A cocktail of skin-beneficial ingredients that moisturize and energize the skin

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  • Mild Conditioning Shampoo - ST-CS 1

    Formula for normal hair with slight conditioning properties containing pearlizing agents

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  • Color boosting conditioning shampoo - VK 23/5

    Surfactant system and conditioning ingredients are optimized to provide excellent color uptake (suited for direct dyes)

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  • Mild Conditioning Shampoo for Kids / Babies - SG 1055/2

    Very mild clear formula containing the advantegeous combination of an organic, a silicone and a polymeric conditioning agent.Low SLES content.

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  • Mild and Creamy Facial Cleansing Foam - JB 211/1

    Very mild, refatting and moisturizing. Provides creamy and stable foam.

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  • Liquid Soap with Odor Absorber - AK 238/6.3

    with TEGO Deo CW 90. Based on anionic surfactants (aminogroup of amphoteric surfactants inactivate Zinc Ricinoleate).

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  • Very Mild Clear Baby Shampoo - AK 196/1b

    RBC test result: basically non irritant.

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  • Shower Gel for sensitive skin - SV 15/4

    Mild formula with refatting properties

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  • Very mild and creamy cleansing foam - UL 5802/1

    Based on the basically non irritant surfactants (proofed by red blood cell test) REWOPOL SB CS 50 B MB and TEGO Betain 810. With moisturizer and hydrophilic emollients. Provides a very creamy and dense foam.

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