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8 formulations found for search term "TEGO® Pep 4-Even".

  • Evening Spot Hand Cream - CD 935/6
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  • Silky Smooth and Even Brilliant Mask - CHN 060-0033

    This impregnating solution is transparent and has a quite low viscosity which is supposed to work on various kinds of mask materials. By adding TEGOSOFT® GC, a hydrophilic emollient, it helps to offer soft and smooth skin feel after using. The solution includes a full range of various actives like eg. TEGO® Pep 4-Even which brightens the skin and improves the evenness of skin tone.

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  • O/W Perfect Skin Care Fluid
    SPF 20 UVA * - SG 16/15-8.1
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  • Brightening and Moisturizing Daylight Defense Cream - CHN 019-027
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  • Age Control Eye Roll on for Men - MAC 867/7

    This cooling eye roll on developed for men moisturizes the skin, reduces wrinkles and evens the skin tone.

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  • Brightening Boost - ESG 1041/19

    Face brightening concentrate. Clear serum.

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  • Radiant Skin Hydrating Day Cream - ESG 1017/QZ-01

    Pure white and creamy texture which spreads easily and absorbs quickly without any stickiness. For a brighter and healthier-looking skin.

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  • Deep perfecting spot serum - SAC-6070-123

    Refine and vitalize discolored spots on your skin

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