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17 formulations found for search term "ANTIL® SPA 80".

  • Conditioning Shampoo - UW 41/7/4

    Clear formulation including the synergistic combination of PQ-10 and a silicone quat.

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  • Mild Hair & Body Shampoo PEG- and sulfate-free - UW 41/8

    Clear and mild PEG- and sulfate-free shampoo with slight conditoning and refatting properties.

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  • Conditioning Anti-Dandruff Shampoo - UW 41/3

    containing Zn-Pyrithione, Rewoteric AM BU 185 and the synergistic conditioner-combination ABIL Quat 3272/PQ-10

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  • Mild Baby Shampoo, slightly conditioning, sulfate-free - UW 41/9/2

    Clear and mild formulation with slight conditoning and antistatic properties.

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  • PEG- and sulfate-free Conditioning Shampoo - UW 41/5

    Mild PEG- and sulfate-free shampoo with slight conditoning properties

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  • Economic liquid soap - AK 318/12.1

    Surfactant active level: 7.5%

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  • Hair and Body Shampoo, PEG-free - UW 230/4

    This clear and PEG-free hair and body shampoo provides good conditioning properties for hair and skin combined with color wash fastness properties for dyed hair.

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  • Clear Baby Bubble Bath, Sulfate-free - AK 339/1

    Mild formula without Sodium Laureth Sulfate.

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  • Strong conditioning Shampoo for curly hair - AK 347/25.1

    Improves wet comb/detangling. New 4/13

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  • Mild conditioning shampoo, sulfate-free - UW 231/8 a

    This mild conditioning shampoo ("low poo") combines mild cleansing with efficient conditioning properties for both hair and skin. It provides a dense and creamy foam.

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  • Clear Shampoo with Avocado Oil - BK 381/7


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  • City Defense Purifying Mild Facial Cleanser - CHN BR 13-008-0021
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  • Mild conditioning hair, body and beard wash, PEG- and sulfate-free - UW 998/21

    The combination of VARISOFT EQ 100 and ANTIL SPA 80 provides hair and skin conditioning effect.

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  • PEG- and Sulfate-free cleansing base - NN 167/3
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  • Gently foaming body wash, PEG- and Sulfate-free - NN 167/5.7

    Pleasantly foaming, for a clean and moisturized skin and hair.

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  • Purifying micellar shampoo - 2018-CN-RO-BR-019-0006-3

    high cleansing efficacy with low level of surfactants; anti-Pollution/deep cleansing of PM 2.5 and sebum.

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  • Damage restoring micellar jelly conditioner - 2018-CN-RO-BR-075-0008

    New Texture: clear micellar conditioner. Good conditioning effect.

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