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7 formulations found for search term "TEGO® Betain P 50 C".

  • Mild conditioning hair, body and beard shampoo - UW 998/21

    PEG- and SLES/SLS-free. The combination of VARISOFT EQ 100 and ANTIL SPA 80 provides hair and skin conditioning effect.

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  • PEG- and Sulfate-free cleansing base - NN 167/3
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  • Gently foaming body wash, PEG- and Sulfate-free - NN 167/5.7

    Pleasantly foaming, for a clean and moisturized skin and hair.

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  • Purifying micellar shampoo - 2018-CN-RO-BR-019-0006-3

    high cleansing efficacy with low level of surfactants; anti-Pollution/deep cleansing of PM 2.5 and sebum.

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  • Caring shampoo for damaged hair - UL 5874/2/4.3
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  • Wobbly shower jelly, sulfate- and PEG-free - ZD 789/1

    The mild shower jelly has a texture between solid and liquid. By addition of water it transforms into foam, but with funny wobble effects.

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  • Restoring Shampoo with Ceramide - ESG15010/19

    Clear micellar shampoo with caring effect. Improves moisturization & fortifies lipid barrier of skin/scalp. Delivers good wet and dry combing properties.

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