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4 formulations found for search term "ANTIL® 500 Pellets".

  • Economic liquid soap - NN 119/1

    low surfactant acitve matter: 6%

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  • Purifying micellar shampoo - 2018-CN-RO-BR-019-0006-3

    high cleansing efficacy with low level of surfactants; anti-Pollution/deep cleansing of PM 2.5 and sebum.

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  • Damage restoring micellar jelly conditioner - 2018-CN-RO-BR-075-0008

    New Texture: clear micellar conditioner. Good conditioning effect.

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  • Restoring Shampoo with Ceramide - ESG15010/19

    Clear micellar shampoo with caring effect. Improves moisturization & fortifies lipid barrier of skin/scalp. Delivers good wet and dry combing properties.

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