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8 formulations found for search term "TEGO® Pep UP".

  • Lifting Face Cream - MAC 892/1/2

    This face cream improves the facial contours

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  • Lift Effect Face Care - MAC 892/3/2

    Anti-ageing face care which combines a tetrapeptide with outstanding skin contouring properties and a low molecular weight hyaluronic

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  • Clear Skin Rejuvenation Gel - MAC 892/4/3

    Facial gel which moistures the skin and smoothes wrinkles

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  • Anti-gravity Face Care Mousse - FU 07/18-1

    Face Care Mousse with strong anti-aging properties.

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  • Blue Light Defense Eye Cream Gel - JS 6/17-7

    Digital Beauty - Eye cream gel with elegant and soft skin feel, protecting your under-eyes skin against the damage caused by blue light emitted by digital devices.

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  • Under eye Peel-off Mask - SAC-6068-127

    Under Eye mask offers consumer the promise of reducing the appearance of tiredness and dark circles, while creating a younger you.

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  • Deep revitalizing under-eye mask - SAC-6070-99

    Revitalize your stressed skin by improving skin moisture and under eye dark appearance​

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  • Facial Serum Double Action - CD 1085/2

    This Serum promtes Skin comfort, Lifting effect and improvement of facial contouring and also it improves Skin elasticity

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