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6 formulations found for search term "Skinolance®".

  • Equalizing Facial Cream Gel - CD 1050

    The formulation helps to keep your skin microflora in balance.

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  • Harmonizing soothing cream for blemished skin - MAC 900/3/4

    Face care for a balanced skin microflora

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  • Body Lotion for dry Skin - MAC 900/2/2

    This body lotion strengthens the microbial shield of the skin and improves skin barrier.

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  • Barrier Boost - ESG 1042/19

    Protects and fortifies skin barrier function. Improves skin elasticity and moisturization.

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  • Opalescence Body Bronzing Powder - SAC-6068-206

    Start your evening early with a glamorous spray of this visually rich and sensorially matifying bronzing powder that provides UV protection while supporting your microbiome. An elegant powder powered both by specially-designed natural cellulose and other functional ingredients that ensure a light sensory feel and by an effective pre-biotic that promotes a balanced skin microbiome.

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    This caring Face Care Cream refreshes the look of your skin. Skinolance promotes the natural balance of the skin flora by stimulating the growth of certain beneficial bacteria.

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