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7 formulations found for search term "Baby and Kids Care".

  • Mild Baby Shampoo - WA 53/45

    RBC-test result: slightly irritant

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  • Mild Baby Shampoo, slightly conditioning, sulfate-free - UW 41/9/2

    Clear and mild formulation with slight conditoning and antistatic properties.

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  • Mild Clear Babyshampoo - SG 1057/2

    low anionic surfactant concentration, RBC: slightly irritant (L/D: 28)

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  • Mild Conditioning Shampoo for Kids / Babies - SG 1055/2

    Very mild clear formula containing the advantegeous combination of an organic, a silicone and a polymeric conditioning agent.Low SLES content.

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  • Moisturizing Light Body Milk - IA 61/14-1
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  • Very Mild Clear Baby Shampoo - AK 196/1b

    RBC test result: basically non irritant.

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  • W/O Recovery Soft Cream - SF 01/16-2

    Helping your skin to restore the protective barrier. After the tattoo session it is important to apply a recovery cream or lotion to restore the skin’s protective barrier. This formula combines three ingredients providing different skin care benefits: ABIL EM 180, SK-INFLUX V and TEGOSOFT OER.

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