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3 formulations found for search term "Creams Multiple".

  • Basic W/O/W Cream - Ma 100/01

    Cold processable multiple emulsion formula with Panthenol as active ingredient example

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  • Rich W/O Cream with dermofeel viscolid MB - ST 20/18-9

    An natural W/O cream with ISOLAN® 17 MB. Stabilized with dermofeel® viscolid MB. Non-whitening and a rich skin feel.

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  • Super Wearing Magic Foundation - CHN CT 041-0026

    O/W process with a unique combination of ABIL® EM 90 and AXOL® C 62 Pellets. This special combination enables a kind of light sensorial change during application. At initial stage of application, O/W system offers light sensory with moisture benefit. While the water evaporates, the sensory perception transfers magically into the caring profile known from W/O emulsions. Addition of ABIL® EM 90 can reduce the wash out effect of the pigment from the formulation.

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