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9 formulations found for search term "Hand".

  • Cationic Foot Cream - AG 14/13-4

    Creamy and fast absorbing foot cream with high nourish and moisturizing properties.

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  • Daily Softening Hand and Ellbow Cream - MAC 830/4

    O/W cream suitable for dry hands and ellbows. It contains TEGO Natural Betaine which strongly binds water in the Skin.

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  • Dry Touch Hand Moisturizing Cream SPF 20 UVA - IA 06/14-12
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  • Evening Spot Hand Cream - CD 935/6
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  • O/W Hand Care Treatment - GP 4/99-11

    Rich, silky hand cream with water repelling effects from TEGIN Pellets

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  • O/W Hand Cream - fast absorbing - GP 3/99-8

    Mineral oil free hand cream based on TEGINACID C as emulsifier

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  • O/W Moisture Restoring Hand Cream - F 4/95

    After work hand care formula with natural humectants

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  • Skin Balancing Hand Cream - MM 361/4

    Intense moisturizing Hand cream which soothes irritated skin.

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  • Smudge-free Cationic Hand Cream - SAC-6056-38

    Digital Beauty - This hand moisturizer combines the cationic technology, very light emollients and natural cellulose fibers to improve absorption and to reduce oil transfer.

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