Evonik Rheance



RHEANCE® glycolipids lead a new era of all-natural ingredients that do not compromise on performance. Derived from nature to provide natural, pleasant sensations, combining excellent skin compatibility and powerful cleansing with unprecedented environmental compatibility.

A rasing interest

Consumers across the world are becoming more interested in all-natural products, as part of a healthier lifestyle and their perceptions that natural offerings are safer.

The plus factor: responsibility

Consumers are more closely evaluating companies’ environmental and social responsibility.

A noticable gap

A larger number of consumers want “green” products but have difficulty accessing products that truly deliver on environmental parameters.

Ecosystem services: Linking nature and people

The World Wildlife Fund’s “One Planet Perspective” encourages companies to align their activities so that they are actively contributing to a healthy and resilient planet for future generations:
• preserve natural capital
• produce more sustainably
• equitable resource governance
• redirect financial flows
• consume more wisely

Trustworthy sourcing

Ingredients tracking „from farm to face“ can strengthen consumers confidence in the  ingredients authenticity.

For today's consumers
For today's consumers
  • Organic compounds of high purity,  with a structure alike molecules found in nature 

  • Sugar-based,  100% renewable raw materials

  • Replicate nature’s combination of  pleasant skin feel and excellent skin compatibility

  • Synthesized by microorganisms through  a reliable fermentation process. Combines Evonik’s expertise in biotechnology, process engineering and interfacial technology

And future generations
And Future Generations
  • 100% biodegradable: RHEANCE®  Glycolipids are biodegraded in natural water environments and thus 
    substantially contribute to the  reduction of waste in natural fresh water and marine ecosystems

  • Traceable: RHEANCE® Glycolipids are  produced exclusively from agricultural resources, traceable to plantation site to ensure constant surveillance and to allow a closer dialogue with farmers. Unlike feedstocks from high complex supply chains (i.e. tropical oils)

  • Low aquatic toxicity: RHEANCE®  Glycolipids are environmentally compatible, show low toxicity to 
    aquatic organisms and have low  potential for bioaccumulation

  • Responsible sourcing: Evonik is committed to sustainable actions, investing in technological progress and 
    more efficient infrastructures, to reduce  its environmental footprint. Evonik is supporting local farm holders to improve their agricultural practices and the quality of their livelihoods