INCI names

  • TEGO® Betain C 60

    Highly concentrated surfactant, very mild and pure, providing good flash foams. Microbiologically stable without preservatives.

  • TEGO® Betain CK D

    Specialty surfactant for waterless formulations e.g. combo bars or facial toweletts. Preservative-free.

  • TEGO® Betain CK KB 5

    Good thickening properties

  • TEGO® Betain F 50

    Very pure, concentrated surfactant. Microbiologically stable without preservatives. Good thickening properties.

  • TEGO® Betain F KB 5

    Proven standard product with high purity.

  • TEGO® Betain P 50 C

    The cost-efficient, concentrated Cocamidopropyl Betaine based on RSPO certified palm kernel oil.The new 38% active betaine provides superior thickening performance which can deliver reduced formulation cost. It is an easily processable secondary surfactant and can be used in a wide range of surfactant systems delivering excellent foam and improved mildness. 

  • TEGO® Betain ZF

    Amphoteric surfactant developed for oral care applications such as tooth pastes, mouth rinses etc.