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  • ABIL® UV Quat 50

    ABIL® UV Quat 50 is a silicone conditioning agent with excellent hair fiber UV protection. It provides efficient protection of hair color against fading in sun light and protects the hair fiber also against damage from UV radiation. ABIL® UV Quat 50 is highly substantive to hair and can be used in rinse-off and leave-in formulas.

  • ABIL® 350

    Moisture barrier especially for skin care or skin protection formulations. Perfume and active substance fixative. Improves application properties. Non-sticky. Good emollients properties. Elimination of whitening effect from O/W emulsions.

  • ABIL® B 8832

    Nonionic silicone conditioning agent for clear shampoos and shower gels. Improves synergistically the conditioning properties of cationic polymers like Polyquaternium-10 and cationic guar.

  • ABIL® B 8843

    Improves skin feel of shower gels, shampoos, etc. Stable, creamy foam. Plastisizing agent for hair setting polymers and hair fixatives.

  • ABIL® B 8851

    Improves wet combability. Pleasant feel on wet hair. Lubricant in shaving foams.

  • ABIL® B 8852

    Improves wet and dry comb properties. Strongly refatting because of its lipophilic character.

  • ABIL® B 9950

    Conditioning agent for shampoos. Softens and smooths hair. Improves manageability.

  • ABIL® Care 85

    Silicone-based emulsifier for cosmetic O/W lotions and creams with a velvety-silky skin feel. Compatible with a wide range of cosmetic oils.

  • ABIL® Care XL 80 MB

    Silicone O/W emulsifier providing an outstanding combination of stabilization and formulation flexibility. It provides a velvety-silky skin feel and long lasting skin smoothing perception. Additional hair conditioning properties.

  • ABIL® EM 180

    Versatile high molecular weight W/O emulsifier with outstanding stabilization capabilities. Very low usage concentation down to 0.5% possible. Particularly recommended for challenging formulation systems like quick breaking emulsions or high UV filter loadings.

  • ABIL® EM 90

    The classical high-performance W/O emulsifier for lotions and creams with an excellent stabilization profile. Formulations with all kinds of cosmetic oils. High compatibility with active ingredients. Emulsifier for sun protection preparations with high content of organic and/or physical UV filters.

  • ABIL® ME 45 MB

    The easy-to-use, multiple benefit silicone conditioning agent . New patent protected PEG- and preservative-free microemulsion with excellent and intensive conditioning, extraordinary manageability and smoothness of hair. ABIL® ME 45 MB significantly improves the wash fastness of dyed hair and shows outstanding heat protecting properties. Can be added just by simple stirring and enables brilliant clear shampoo formulations.

  • ABIL® Quat 3272

    Conditioning agent for clear shampoos and shower baths. Completely soluble in aqueous surfactants solutions. Pleasant skin feel. As conditioning agent it improves feel and gloss of hair.

  • ABIL® Soft AF 100

    Conditioning agent for shampoos and hair rinses. Improves the body and volume of hair. Strongly substantive to hair and skin proteins. Self emulsifying in aqueous systems. Improves synergistically volume properties of alkylquats.

  • ABIL® T Quat 60

    Premium conditioning agent with additional hair fiber protection properties.

  • ABIL® Wax 9800

    Liquid to waxy component for skin and hair care emulsions, color cosmetics and deodorant sticks. The silicone component provides optimum cosmetic properties like silky gloss on hair and a pleasant, non-greasy skin feel. The product is easy to emulsify and soluble in cosmetic oils. Has an emollient character and improves pigment dispersion.

  • ABIL® Wax 9801

    Enhances spreading behavior which leads to a better distribution of pigments and inorganic/organic UV filters in emulsion systems.

  • ABIL® Wax 9840

    Enhances spreading behavior which leads to a better distribution of pigments and inorganic/organic UV filters in emulsion systems.

  • ABIL® WE 09 MB

    Emulsifier for cosmetic W/O creams and lotions. Formulations with all kinds of cosmetic oils. High compatibility with active ingredients. Emulsifier for decorative cosmetics and sun protection preparations.

  • dermofeel® GSC POF

    PEG-free anionic emulsifier based on natural raw materials without the use of palm oil derivatives. Sustainably sourced from local crops with reduced carbon footprint. Highly effective O/W emulsifier for elegant creams and lotions with light and soft skin feel. Excellent stability, good electrolyte tolerance and compatibility with a large range of cosmetic oils and active ingredients. Food grade.

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