CAREtain® Toolbox - How it works

How it works


Transparency as a basic ingredient

The overarching goal of CAREtain® is to create transparency. We see transparency as a necessary stepping stone to enable quantification and innovation. And it’s the point of departure for our stakeholder dialog, too.

Remaining future-proof 

We’re driven to make our core business and product portfolio ever more sustainable. It allows us, and thereby our customers, to remain future-proof. Interdisciplinary collaboration between all our functional areas makes this possible.

Our expertise comes from carrying out life cycle assessments (LCAs), engaging in dialog with our supply chain stakeholders and continuously collecting data in our CAREtain® Toolbox. That’s the first step in making our supply chain transparent. What’s more, we consider it important to provide full disclosure about the current status of our products, from all three product areasactives, leave-ons and rinse-offs—in terms of relevant sustainability criteria. This way, we empower our customers to determine for themselves the importance and relevance of the sustainability criteria of their own products—in line with the chemical industry’s new attitude of showing what’s inside and behind our business—and to develop and manage their own product portfolio according to market and consumer expectations. This approach paves the way for product innovation and eco-optimized, economically viable and more socially responsible formulations and the constant optimization of our oleochemical supply chain. 

All of this allows us to pool our efforts with our customers, so we can stay on top of market demands. CAREtain® is the framework concept that not only brings together our own sustainability requirements and those of our supply chain stakeholders, but also integrates Zero Deforestation requirements and resource efficiency. 



If sustainability is to be taken seriously and turned into action, companies will need to integrate it into the very core of their business. Find out how we work together with our stakeholders to transform product portfolios into ever more sustainable ones.

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CAREtain® Toolbox

Have you heard of the CAREtain® Toolbox?

Are you looking for a specific product or product category or for particular sustainable product characteristics? Our CAREtain® Toolbox shows you the most relevant product characteristics for your first entrance to sustainability evaluation and the creation of an eco-optimized cosmetics portfolio.

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Our attitude

We’re fully conscious of the impact our activities have on the environment and society. At the same time today’s consumers know that their choices matter when it comes to protecting the beauty of both their skin and the natural world. That’s why our attitude is easily summarized: Because it’s personal. 

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