Our biggest challenges

Our biggest challenges

Preserving the planet for future generations

With CAREtain®, we aim to rise to the challenges of our time. But we know: Transforming one’s own core business isn’t likely to be a sprint—and we’ve already had remarkable success in visibly turning the preservation of the planet into one of the guiding principles of our core business.

Transformation marathon runners 

Sustainability is more like a marathon—for all of us. As merely one of the links in the value chain, we’ve only just left the starting line. Because clearly, we can only win this marathon in collaboration with the other players in our value chain. Since we all face the same challenges, we’ll only find the right solutions through joint efforts and active partnerships.

We’re an innovation driver in the personal care market, so we carry a great deal of responsibility when it comes to people’s lives, healthier living, the environment and the future in general. Therefore we’re developing our portfolio with a focus on performance, transparency and reliability.

Human Rights

Human rights

Due to national borders, different laws and nontransparent supply chains, human rights violations continue to be the order of the day in many countries. This is also a challenge for our industry, which we must face together.

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Assuming responsibility for our impact

Traceability of our oleochemical value chain

Supply chains are very complex and require significant flexibility - a challenge in multiple respects.

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Responsible sourcing

Responsible sourcing 

As global demand for oleochemical raw materials grows, large-scale deforestation and environmental degradation often result. This is an overarching challenge we must tackle as it's our duty to future generations.

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