Because it’s personal

Caring for beauty - caring for the planet 

Our attitude 

Our products are extremely personal—consumers quite literally put them on their skin-so their ingredients are of the greatest importance. We’re always striving to come up with better, more beneficial and nourishing formulas so that consumers can fully experience and maintain their natural beauty. And it’s this same attitude that we bring to the environment: to respect, nourish, preserve and enhance it. 

Consumers, too, are clearly concerned about issues such as biodiversity loss, the littering of our oceans and over-exploitation of natural resources. No longer an abstract future scenario, this is a tangible reality today—for every one of us. Today’s consumers know that their choices matter when it comes to protecting the beauty of both their skin and the environment. At Evonik, we dedicate our research and development to indirectly enabling consumers to make a positive impact on their personal wellbeing and whilst we are using our natural resources sustainably as possible.

As a company, we’re fully conscious of the impact our activities have on the environment and society. While our overall impact may be small, there’s always scope for innovative new solutions. When it comes to our business processes, product portfolio and the raw materials we use, we’re convinced that adopting a proactive rather than reactive stance to sustainability will benefit our customers as much as society and the planet.

This is why we’ve been working to move sustainability concerns to the core of our business activities, and to reconcile them with our business objectives.

Sustainability made tangible

At Evonik, we’ve given a name to our efforts at making sustainability tangible: CAREtain®. It’s our way of making sustainability available to our customers for their products—through specific and quantifiable sustainable product characteristics along the complete value chain. This allows our customers to align their formulations with the sustainability requirements of today and tomorrow. It’s what we work for every day.

In the future, we’re aiming to focus on the following topics to meet the requirements of retailers and consumers in a more targeted manner:

Working for a sustainable tomorrow, because it's a personal matter.


It’s the challenge of our time to transform the way we live and preserve our economic success in line with our planetary boundaries. Find out, why sustainability is no longer just a nice idea for us but in fact mandatory to maintain business in a responsible manner.

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If sustainability is to be taken seriously and turned into action, companies will need to integrate it into the very core of their business. Find out how we work together with our stakeholders to transform product portfolios into ever more sustainable ones.

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Our biggest challenges

Our biggest challenges

Climate protection, environmental conservation and social justice are among the biggest challenges of our time. Find out how we use our approach to consider the entire value chain to meet our challenges at Personal Care. 

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