Our goal towards a more sustainable world

Strategic outlook

Addressing the need for more sustainable products driven by responsible solutions.

As an innovation driver in the personal care market, we hold ourselves responsible–for our environment, for people and healthier lives, and for the future. That’s why we drive our portfolio with focus on performance, transparency and reliability – to be the business partner of choice also in the future.

Our sustainability strategy is geared to integrating sustainability even more firmly into our daily business. The following targets are intended to play a central part in this.

We will continue to analyze our portfolio using sustainability criteria and increasingly align our innovation related activities toward sustainability.

Formulation Expertise

We plan to develop and market environmentally friendly biosurfactants made of renewable raw materials. Those biosurfactants will meet all of the requirements of modern surfactants.

Responsible Sourcing

In collaboration with our customers and suppliers, we aim to further extend our portfolio of RSPO certified palm oil derivatives. Continous research for more divers and balanced feedstock generation.