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benefits for our customers

Our efforts to create a more sustainable product portfolio and to secure and develop business success have required significant investments. At Evonik Personal Care we believe that responsible action and business success are inseparable. We began early on to entrench environmental and social criteria within our portfolio. Our achievements shows how successfully we are doing that. 

Renewable based and responsibly sourced raw materials
  • 86% of our sales volume with products based on renewable feedstocks

  • Stringent supplier criteria and assessments (TfS)

  • 100% of all production sites used for Personal Care are RSPO certified (MB & SG)

  • ~ 40% of the palm-based sales volume RSPO certified

  • broad spectrum of RSPO certified products ( > 50 products MB certified)

  • 100 % PO/PKO used in Europe is RSPO SG certified

Ecologically produced products
  • 52% of turnover with products characterized by LCA (Life Cycle Assessment)

  • 84% of turnover contributes to resource efficiency along the value chain (GHG, Water, Waste, CO2)

  • 50% of all standard products comply to CAREtain® criteria

  • Evonik Industries AG, Investor CDP 2016 : „A-, Index Leader M Dax“

Products with sustainable application profils
  • 40% of products offers more sustainable applications (functionality, efficacy, reduced impact of organics, low energy impact)

  • > 60% of the sales volumes are based on readily biodegradable products

  • > 50 products match the requirements for standardized natural cosmetics (COSMOS, Ecocert, BDIH)

  • >180 products can be used in vegan applications

  • > 90 products can be used in Kosher or Halal approved cosmetics

We will further work on the creation of more sustainable products which support our clients to make verifiable claims and appeal to consumers` personal care needs as well as their sense of environmental responsibility.