Responsible sourcing

Our commitments – Mindful use of natural resources

Evonik Personal Care ensuring the sensible use of resources and meeting the needs of ecosystems around the world in a responsible manner.

Still Palm Oil is the most versatile and efficient oleo-chemical feedstock considering land use change. Nevertheless Diversity in Feedstocks helps to balance extensive use and conservation of high carbon stock areas. Sustainable sourcing of natural feedstocks for Personal Care is a major part of our portfolio strategy.

We are using plant based and renewable feedstock wherever possible and reasonable. Whereas Palm Oil is the most efficient and versatile source also Coconut Oil and Rapeseed Oil is widely used. Respecting ecological and social aspects along the complete supply chain is mandatory and will promote sustainable development of the society and consumer goods. Therefore Evonik – Personal Care together with their most ambitious accounts defined Responsible Sourcing Criteria for supply chains down to plantation levels. Continuous supplier evaluations take place and most ambitious suppliers are promoted in order to fulfill our ambitions targets on responsible sourcing, traceability and ecological compliance such as:

  • Traceability of palm oil derivatives to plantations or mills 

  • Compliance with the laws of the country of operation. Suppliers need to confirm their legal compliance along the supply chain with focus on anti-corruption and land tenure rights

  • Expanding palm plantations need to ensure conservation and restoration of High Conservation- and Carbon Stock areas and peatlands

  • Compliance and informed consent form indigenous people and local communities influenced by new plantations with focus on land grabbing procedures and ILO rights of workers

  • Suppliers of palm-based products need to either a member of the RSPO or comply with the sourcing rules set by the RSPO validated from external partners

Evonik Nutrition & Care actively seek for partnerships in Responsible Sourcing Projects in particular on:

  • Improvement of social- and educational level of small-holders and positive contribution to livelihood of underprivileged people associated with palm oil production

  • Economic integration of indigenous people and communities

  • Process improvement and feedstock efficiency

  • Innovative forest and peatland management systems

Facts - ingredients based on natural resources




of our production sites using palm oil for Personal Care are RSPO certified



of our sales volume involves products based on renewable feedstocks (np>0,5)



of our products produced in Europe that are based on pure palm oil or palm kernel oil are RSPO SG certified



We already offer >50 products that are RSPO certified