Responsible sourced palm kernel oil (RSPO)

Can we use palm oil in a more sustainable way?

Our main objective is to support and enhance the plantation and production of sustainable palm oil considering environmental and social requirements of the smallholders in the supply chain

Evonik contributes to sustainable Palm Oil

Oleo-chemical supply chains are sometimes highly complex and flexible. To specify the plant based origin of products became crucial for manufacturers in order to comply with their sustainability efforts. The origin of high volume fatty acids or alcohols remain flexible due to availability of certified stocks and price developments. Therefore continuous dialog along the supply chain has been established in order to maintain compliance and transparency.

The RSPO, Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil, has been very effective in introducing better traceability in the highly complex oleochemicals supply chain, rendering it much more transparent and its operators more accountable. It brings together stakeholders from different sectors of the palm oil industry who continuously develop, adapt, and implement global standards for sustainable palm oil. Anyone who buys certificated products or becomes a member contributes to the success of RSPO.  Evonik is a member of this organization, working hand in hand with it in order to promote the use sustainable palm oil .

As the supply chain of Palm Oil and its Derivatives is highly complex detailed information about the content, origin and certification status of products are available in the Evonik CAREtain┬« System. This product database improves transparency and substantiates key sustainability features of our products. As the Palm Oil Sourcing Strategy is a major part of this process. Evonik, Personal Care has launched the first set of RSPO certified products in 2014. To enhance the process a stepwise switch will take place once the supply chain is confirmed and we can secure the demand of our customers.  

As an active member of RSPO since 2010 Evonik Nutrition & Care GmbH continuously enlarge the portfolio of ingredients in line with the RSPO Supply Chain Model Mass Balance and Segregated. Further products are available upon request. Please approach your respective sales contact for details

Mass Balance = Compliant with RSPO mass balance supply chain requirements
Segregated = Compliant with RSPO segregated supply chain requirements


Peter Becker