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Because, nowadays hair grooming matters even more

The look and feel of your hair contributes significantly to a person’s self-esteem. These days hair is becoming even more important as millions of consumers across the world have their faces hidden with protection masks. So they have become more reliant on their hair appearance for their individualization, and to reassure their confidence, personality, thoughts and beliefs.

By Joaquín Pérez Sánchez

In a more digitalized world, the demand of visual effects is linked to a change in purchasing habits towards a more conscious consumption, and a higher sense of responsibility towards mother nature is becoming important for hair conditioning products.

  • Mintel data for Europe shows that on the whole people have washed their hair the same amount, or actually slightly more since the COVID-19 outbreak.
  • "Better for the environment" is the top reason why 52% of consumers in Europe have bought natural beauty and personal care products in the last few months
  • Hair brands have had to adopt to the changing environment to ensure they are reaching consumers by adapting their message for the situation
  • In the UK, 54% of female users of hair care products agree that being quick is one of the top three most important considerations for them when it comes to their hair care routine
  • Source: Mintel 2020

Trends in hair routines seen before the Covid-19 outbreak are expected to adapt to the 'next normal' while other trends observed during the outbreak are expected to stay as part of our new lifestyles.

As consumers increase their online engagement and exposure to virtual communities, an increasing demand is expected for hair conditioning agents that offer multifunctional benefits that minimize time for the consumer without overshadowing high conditioning performance.

As environmental concerns continue to rise among consumers in most countries, hair conditioning agents with a good sustainability profile will continue to gain the attention of the industry. The goal is to find solutions that both enable companies to meet their sustainability goals, while meeting the consumer demands of high-performance hair care products made with eco-friendly / biodegradable ingredients.


Market changes and new challenges have triggered us to take a holistic approach in selecting our best-in-class portfolio of esterquats: performance in hair conditioning and emulsification of fatty alcohol, hydrolytic stability and modern aesthetics with the maximum degree of naturality.

Keeping in mind that our range of solutions should respond to those “must have” criteria in addition to other manufacturing and technical specifications, we have selected our top conditioning performer VARISOFT® EQ 100 to meet the highest expectations in hair softness & smoothness for multiple applications (i.e. shampoos, conditioners and leave-in sprays). VARISOFT® EQ 100’s adaptability and characteristics are particularly remarkable for this readily biodegradable esterquat.

For customers looking for the right balance between performance in conditioning properties, approval for “natural cosmetics” with a good environmental profile and excellent aesthetics that enhances the appearance of the final hair conditioner, we have selected VARISOFT® EQ 65 MB as our best solution to meet these demands.

Additionally, for customers looking for hair conditioning agents with the most cost efficient performance, that still delivers a favorable environmental profile, VARISOFT® EQ F 75 MB is the winner here in comparison with conventional hair conditioner agents.

Looking for inspiration

Visit intoBeauty® for more information where you can find information about our high performance readily biodegradable esterquats, but also a guideline formulation, access to our sustainability CAREtain® tool box and much more.

If you are interested in developing new products or re-engineering your products to meet these environmental requirements, or simply looking for inspiration in hair conditioning to respond to these latest consumer trends, our team of experts in formulation, application technology, leading edge R&D and marketing will be pleased to discuss in detail your projects.

Joaquin Perez Sanchez

Head of Global Marketing Cosmetic Solutions
In his role as responsible of the Cosmetic Solutions marketing team, strategy and portfolio management play a critical part. His spirit of a pioneer discovering all new in beauty and personal care is widely shared by colleagues, family and friends. We all