Indie Beauty Made Easy

As a leading global provider of sustainable specialty chemicals and ingredients, Evonik provides access to high-quality raw materials and ingredients that are essential for creating innovative and effective beauty products. While Indie brands are quickly gaining a large presence within the cosmetic community, Evonik aims to grow with these small businesses as they pave their way by demonstrating our commitment to supporting the growth and success of indie beauty and personal care brands.

Through helping indie brands differentiate themselves in a crowded market and offering unique formulations that meet the needs of their target customers, Evonik can provide technical expertise and support indie brands in optimizing their formulations and improving product performance. Evonik's expertise and resources can be invaluable to indie beauty brands where together, we can create products that are more effective, efficient, and sustainable that stand out in a competitive market.

The Indie beauty boutique is newly launched for US small business partners. Enjoy direct access to Evonik’s personal care portfolio across a broad range of markets and applications: active ingredients, active delivery systems, skin care, sun care, color cosmetics, hair care and skin cleansing, alternative preservation, and product stability.

Customers leverage Evonik’s innovative technology ingredients in small MOQs on the Indie Beauty Boutique for personal care formulation developments. With sustainable and regulatory-compliant ingredients, Evonik is here to support you on your business journey to success. Register today and enjoy our offerings that fit your formulation tableau!









Evonik now provides small and medium-sized companies with holistic support to realize their innovative personal care products – from initial idea to finished cosmetic product. As of now, the new Service Solutions unit offers a full package to support brands with knowledge about formulation, sustainability issues, legal requirements, supply chain and manufacturing.

  • Turnkey package of formulation development, contract manufacturing and consulting
  • Flexible, customer-centric, System Solutions approach
  • Enables market-ready personal care solutions

By understanding the needs of consumers and putting customers first, Evonik is moving further towards systems-oriented solution development.

Evonik now offers FREE Preservative Efficacy Testing to our customers using Dr. Straetmans’ antimicrobials in North America. Formulate with Care & Confidence! Utilizing our Preservative Efficacy Testing during your formulation development phase can give you greater understanding of your formulation’s microbiological risk.

Free, Easy & Direct Support

When formulating with Evonik Dr. Straetmans’ antimicrobials, we will support you in your product development journey, zero charge! Timely and Reliable Results Testing are executed using the European Pharmacopeia 5.1.3 Testing Method*

  • Initial analysis for days 2, 7, and 14 included
  • Final report upon completion of the 28 day test

*Testing according to ISO 11930, USP 51, PCPC are available upon request

Visit our PET webpage to Complete your Application Form. Upon receiving confirmation, prepare to ship 150g sample internationally in a properly sealed, leak-proof container.