New trend-inspired concepts

This is a selection of our latest trend-inspired formulation concepts which target worldwide consumer trends and offer inspiring ideas. All concepts are based on our broad product portfolio and help you to create market products easily and fast. Visit intoBeauty to see the complete list of all our formulation concepts!


Originally starting in the skin care market, textures have continued to gain consumer interest as they bring a playful moment to people’s daily routines. This trend has now spilled over to the hair care and cleansing markets. So, what is it that makes textures so appealing to today’s consumers?


Even if the sustainability megatrend has been relevant for some time, it continues to evolve further as new, additional aspects are now considered important for all consumers, not just for the more eco-conscious consumers.


Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the role their consumption choices play in a sustainable lifestyle. As a result, the eco profile of cosmetic products is also moving further into their focus.


Today’s eco-conscious consumers like to support the environment from different angles. Hence, they look for options in all areas of their daily lives. Solid formats for hair care and cleansing offer environmentally friendly options to meet the demand of the eco-conscious consumer.


Nowadays, consumers wear face covers daily, as well-known research institutes such as the WHO recommend to prevent the spread of COVID-19. These face covers offer a line of protection during the pandemic but can subsequently lead to several skin issues with its frequent use.

Take care now!

In this uncertain time consumers are deeply concerned about the impact of COVID-19 on their health and the economic situation. This leads to a focus on their most basic needs at present and results in a change of shopping behavior. Furthermore, the current situation has had an unprecedented impact on industries.

Take care of your face

Further measures are necessary to protect the skin as consumers wear face covers daily. Face covers offer a line of protection during this crisis but can subsequently lead to potential skin irritation and inflammation with its frequent use. This collection focuses on tried and true ingredients for facial care during the day and night to leave comprise skin behind.

Take care of your hair

Measures for self-care (mental, emotional and physical health) have become even more of a necessity for the overall consumer. As consumers look to take care of their physical well-being, in beauty and personal care, they look to fundamental skin and hair care solutions. Take care of your hair offers novel solutions to mild cleansing for frequent hair washing and grooming treatment to fight against damaging hair.

To stabilize almost anything

Natural based emulsifiers: Inspiring ways to future orientated formulations! The trend for formulating skin care naturally is already well established in the cosmetic market. Over the years the focus has shifted, and the question of what is inside a product, and how does it impact the environment has been gathering consumer momentum.

Take care of your hands

We all need to wash our hands a lot more regularly than perhaps we did before. But, because of all these extra hand washing routines our hands are starting to get dry. Hand creams can really help. So if you’re looking for novel hand cleansing formulations, our formulation collection might be of interest as they either provide moisturizing benefits, and/or a skin barrier repairing effect. Two examples of these types of hand creams can be found in our latest collection. Take care and stay healthy!

Deep beauty inspirations

Formulation solutions for the deep beauty skintellectual: Deep Beauty consumers are seeking fundamental solutions for skin health that are grounded in science and observable improvement but still holistically balance their wellness needs.

Updated: Water responsible beauty

Cleansing and conditioning formulations: Nature will love it! For numerous different reasons water is becoming a scarce and precious resource. Rising consumer awareness is pushing brands to work harder to protect the planet’s natural water resources and to create more sustainable solutions.

Shade to go

Enjoy your UV protection! For more and more consumers health is the new wealth. One approach to support wealth by improving skin health is by applying the appropriate UV protection. As the awareness about the effects of UV rays increases among consumers they are starting to look more and more for products that improve all parts of their lives.

UV protection through inorganic inspiration

Play under the sun with innovative formats using inorganic filters. Sunscreen use was historically associated with vacations at the beach, but today’s consumers have greater awareness of the harmful skin care effects of over-exposure to the sun.

Curly you

Inviting curly consumers to celebrate their natural curls: Around the world there is a global movement to embrace naturally curly hair. Evonik has carefully developed a three-step approach to help consumers feel their best with their hair.

Treatment masques

For consumers, seeking a differentiated skin treatment experience! Consumers around the world are seeking a differentiated skin experience that is aspirational, eclectic, innovative, and treatment-oriented. Treatment masques can fulfill these needs and, as a result, have been growing briskly over the last few years. To help brand owners capitalize on this momentum, Evonik Care Solutions has developed exciting formulations showcasing options to engage consumers.

Update: Textures 2020

Skin care textures to spark your creativity: With innovative textures for a vibrant skin feeling, consumers can enjoy their daily beauty routine even more. Exciting and surprising textures such as creams that transform into a nurturing oil film during application on the skin, engage through additional sensory experiences with consumers. With this concept, Evonik provides a range of innovative and surprising texture formulations.

Micellar hair care

Less is more, for healthier, more beautiful hair! Micellar Technology in the form of micellar waters is no longer limited to facial skin care only. Now, for the first time Evonik customers have the opportunity to transfer this highly effective and gentle way of cleansing to hair care products.

Inspring textures for hair care

More reasons for loving hair care: Nowadays, more and more new innovations and trends in hair care are inspired by, or strongly linked to advances from the skin care segment. Among those trends, exciting and impressive textures are already highly valued by consumers.