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Evonik at Beauty Accelerate 2022

Thank you for visiting us at Beauty Accelerate 2022! 

We enjoyed sharing information with you about our extensive product portfolio, fit for your creative formulation tableau. 

Many years ago we set off on a quest to become sustainable specialties partner for the beauty and personal care industry. At Beauty Accelerate we are excited to share of how far we have come and the road ahead.  

Innovation Talk: Decoding Cermides by Evonik 

Metropolitan Pavillion | Wednesday, September 29th 

Innovation Stage | 9:15 am – 10:20 am 

This session is part of a series of 5-minute talks from leading experts in beauty ingredients, packaging, manufacturing, services and more, offering attendees insights for jumpstarting their brand innovation. 

Ceramides: Skin and Hair Decoded   

Ceramides are naturally present in our skin and hair and contribute to keeping them protected and resilient, but we lose them daily through environmental and biological influences. Replenishment of these skin components is key to keep the body's natural shield intact. 
Having more than 25 years of ceramide experience, Evonik has successfully developed a ceramide technology platform which unlocks nature’s secrets to help you develop dynamic, highly effective cosmetic formulations. 

In this short presentation, Dr. Tobias Mueller will give an overview of how Evonik has successfully decoded the science behind ceramides, leading to a highly innovative ingredient platform for these hero ingredients. 

Dr. Tobias Mueller

Business Development Manager, Active Ingredients 

Dr. Tobias Mueller is a Business Development Manager for Active Ingredients at Evonik Corporation in North America. In his role he combines technical and commercial expertise of Evonik’s extensive portfolio of cosmetic active ingredients, identifies new business growth opportunities, serves as the initial point-of-contact for all customers and partners in the NAFTA region and supports them on their path towards developing innovative and efficient formulation solutions.   

Deep Action Ceramide Innovations


Improves the skin barrier from within, boosts your own ceramide production

  • Improves skin hydration
  • Restores the skin lipid pool for a well-aged skin
  • Enhances skin barrier integrity

Learn more about RHEASOME® CeraBoost



Daylight defense with bioactive sphingolipids 

  • Fights environmental aggressions 
  • Protects the skin from UV induced DNA damage 
  • Accelerated skin regeneration due to DNA protection 


This year Evonik is honored to be a finalist in Cosmetics & Toiletries (C&T) and Allured Business Media’s, C&T Allē Awards.

The Allēs honor the scientific discipline, formulating skills, resourcefulness and creativity of innovators throughout the cosmetic product development process—from ingredient suppliers and finished product manufacturers, to test method/tool designers, digital tech developers and more.”



Daylight defense with bioactive sphingolipids 

  • Fights environmental aggressions 
  • Protects the skin from UV induced DNA damage 
  • Accelerated skin regeneration due to DNA protection 

SimDerma® Platform

Finalist for Claims Testing Method/Tool

SimDerma® is a screening system that includes multiple laboratory assays. This tool has been developed to identify novel biological activities for cosmetic and skincare products

Bioactives for Healthy Skin


Give yourself star-power with a scientifically-crafted cannabinoids entourage
  • Promotes a refreshed and youthful skin appearance
  • Supports skin hydration and strengthens skin’s protective layers
  • Leverages high-purity Cannabinoids, absent of residuals of concern
  • Natural-based components provide a high naturality product that is designed through scientific testing

Innovations to Protect Your Product

At Beauty Accelerate, we shared our Protect your Product formulation kit featuring ingredients from both our dermosoft® and Verstatil® product lines.

Natural Aloe Hydra Gel

  • dermosoft® 700B + dermosoft® Pentiol eco + dermosoft® 250 eco
  • Verstatil® BL non GMO


Natural Mattifying Face Cream Mask

  • dermosoft® 1388 eco NaL + dermosoft® Pentiol eco
  • Verstatil® BL non GMO
    + dermosoft® GMCY MB

Natural Smart Conditioner

  • dermosoft® 250 eco +
    dermosoft® Pentiol eco
  • Verstatil® TBG MB


Natural Face Cleansing Oil Balm


  • dermosoft® GMCY MB + dermofeel® Toco 70 non GMO


CAREtain® Toolbox 

Want fast access to product sustainability information? Visit our CAREtain® toolbox to obtain key data to deliver the naturality you seek!


Product Protection Guide

Explore our portfolio of high-quality and innovative raw materials containing a wide range of natural and sustainable alternatives for stabilizing and protecting cosmetics.


Trend-Inspired Concepts

Our trend-inspired concepts target worldwide consumer trends and offer inspiring formulation ideas.

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